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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ferry_loon, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone trained with the ADF reserves, whilst working in Oz, under the ‘The Reserve Forces Foreign Service Arrangement’ ?

    I may have a chance to work in Australia later this year and would like to train with their reservists whilst I'm over there. I assume I have to find a unit over there who will take me and clear it with my TA unit.

    Anyone know how it works for sure?
  2. yes mate ,
    where are you going in Aus?
    the process I followed was
    get permission from unit ,
    contact potential hosting unit they will 9/10 times be really on side .
    they will contact your unit and confirm you are training with them....
  3. Good luck - I'd like to hear how you get on. I worked in Oz a few years ago, so got permission from my Unit in UK, went to Oz, didn't know where my nearest Reserve unit was so went into the Army recruiting office (where they also recruit reserves) and got fcuked off.

    Back in the UK now :-(
  4. SLP,

    Thanks for that!! I'm probably off to Canberra. Yet to be confirmed though, and its months off.

    Where were you? Did you train with the equivalent capbadge?

    Not so good mate. I think I'll try and get it sorted before I go. Thanks for the info.
  5. You will need permission from your TA Unit. They should have a copy of LAND COMMAND STANDING ORDER No 1226 - ANNEX A.


    This is a common and popular of application and as Oz is in the Commonwealth it is relatively easy. ADF are usually on-side.

    Good Luck
  6. Magic Scabbers!

    I can now quote a form to 'em when they deny there is any such process! :twisted:

    Many thanks,

  7. I trained with the ADF Reserves for six weeks last year whilst on holiday Down Under. Great experience and was really easy to sort out. As others have said, your TA unit needs to clear it first. Find the Unit you want to train with, give them a bell and explain to them what unit you're from etc. They'll then ask you to get your unit to fax over your details and then for your OC/CO to approve it. Took me about 3weeks from start to finish to get it sorted.

    What ADF Reserve unit you looking at getting attached to?

    Good Luck! :thumleft:

  8. GS,

    PM sent


  9. There is a TA soldier on ARRSE who went to Oz, got attactched and was mobilised for the East Timor episode - has a nice green medal for his efforts.
  10. BB,

    I'd never be that lucky mate :roll:

  11. BB wonder who that was ?

    Ferry loon PM me if you wish to know more mate.
    I was with an ADF unit based in Melbourne
  12. As if by magic!

    Hope you are well, see you at Buck House?
  13. Am really well mate ................and your good self ?
    didn't put in for a ticket for the garden party .....
    what a twat.........
    but catch up soon hopefully .
    all the best pimp
    or should I say gimp ?
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    will no doubt end up in all sorts of bother again
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