Training, will it make a squaddie out of me?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Skullda-bash, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. I was just wondering, whilst looking at these posts and the way my brother and his mates from 47TH loggies act, once i enter the army will i be able to interact with people jus like almost everyone here does etc? Pretty stupid question really but....
  2. Yeah, pretty stupid question.
  3. but what???????
  4. Well why did you ask it then?

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  5. Thats a interesting question and it really depends on your own psychogical profile.

    Not everyone in the forces is popular and happy all the time. Infact some of the people you refer to may inwardly be unconfident and insecure but be able to disguise this. Life in the forces is not like an episode of Soldier Soldier and at times you can be in a room full of people and still feel very lonely just like on civvie street.

    Basic will not change who you are but equips you for life in the forces IYSWIM. Basic changed me from a confident but shy person into a bag of nerves for a while but I soon became myself again. I still don't like communial living but I do love my mates and the moral that floats about until one of the officers spot it and stamp it out or press the panic alarm lol.

    If you want a life in the forces bad enough all will be ok. If however you are unsure than my advice would be to wait till your sure what you want. I am not sure if they still offer this course but I did a GNVQ3 in pre entry to the armed forces and that allowed me to make my decision based on a year at college learning new skills. IMHO If you were a cadet and one who was good and by this I do not mean hald rank I mean kept themselves neat, attended, had attention for detail and got stuck in that another way of knowing its right for you. If you are too old for Cadets go along as a PSI or just lend a hand Cadets always need more Adults.

    Mo x x x
  6. When god was handing out personalities, you must have been holding the door. You're so boring, even a boomerang wouldn't come back to you. I bet you thought it was just coincidence that your parents had the same surnames before they married? Maybe you wouldn't read like such a pathetic loser if didn't lack even the dim flicker of sentience needed to qualify as a imbecile.
  7. I'd hope training will make a soldier out of you...
  8. Are you all proud of yourselves?? Do you get a kick out of being nasty?? Does it make you feel hard??

    You should be ashamed.

    I am ashamed for you.

    Corps Reg whatever should be ashamed of you.

    Go and fight with your shadow or something else productive.

    Mo x x x
  9. You could always try if you're looking for friends?

    Join the Army because you WANT to!
  10. That's a little optimistic, E_A_N_D. Seems a bit hit and miss in a lot of areas :D
  11. Welcome back 7.62.
  12. Are those the answers you required? Has your boyfriend still dumped you?
  13. Got the painters in, sweetheart?

    The sign on the door reads:

    Now be a good crow- mouth shut, eyes and ears open. There's a good girl.
  14. You are a bit of a gooner really. Does it make you feel better to be so nasty to someone over the internet. Shame on you.
  15. This is great! :D

    And i'm having that one about your parents surnames!