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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by JayLacey79, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys!

    I dunno if i have posted this in the correct area so do please correct me if i have.

    My husband has been told his posting has just come through for sunny Germany so myself and the kids will be moving with him. I have been looking into beginning my training as a nurse and have looked into doing it through The Open University who i am led to believe work alongside the army over in Germany.
    To enter the course which i was looking at, DipHe Adult Nursing, i have been made aware i need to be employed within the healthcare / hospital sector as 50% of the course is practical work. Also from past information i have also been led to believe that under normal circumstances (residing in the uk) i would be entitled to an NHS Bursary to pay the tuition fees.

    Does anybody know if there is any way of being taken on over there in Germany in a hospital / medical situation on camp??

    Also, does anybody know if i would be entitled to the NHS Bursary to still pay for my tuition fees through The Open University?? The only reason i ask is that according to The Open University if your are posted to a BFPO address they still class you as residing within the uk and only charge you the uk price for the course, not the price of the course within the country you are posted to. For example, Human Biology in the uk is roughly £370 but in Germany is would cost me roughly £700!!

    Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly received!!

  2. No and no. (You may be able to get a job as a health care assistant in a Med Centre, however, youll be up against wives who are actually trained HCAs (who will get the job over you))
    I am in Germany, probably on the same camp youre husband is posted to, there are a couple of wives who have put their nursing ambitions on hold because of the posting, but they are doing certain non-clinical OU modules that they need in order to get into nursing once they return to the UK.

    That is correct.
  3. Hi

    Thank you for your reply it was very helpful.

    Would the possibility of offering voluntary work be an option at all in return for a placement or would they not even consider it? In all honesty i am not at all bothered about paid work, the main thing is to try and get into a clinical area to base my practical work with the helping hand of the Army even if it be in a med centre.

    I have looked at the non-clinical parts of the DipHe Nursing course, do you know if any of the wives who have started doing these sections receive any form of funding at all?

    Thanks for any info you may have again :)

  4. They fund themselves.

    The trouble you would have with trying to get even an unpaid placement in the med centre is the numbers that actually work in there already, as well as the Nursing staff and the HCA there are also a large number of Army medics (these are not clinical though). Med centres are very busy places where its all hands to the pumps, on occassion they get Army Student nurses attached for short periods as part of their training, you could always ask at the med centre once you arrive of course. On the whole though I would say that as a basic civilian with an interest in nursing that the closest you would get to a job in the med centre is receptionist. That isnt an insult or a slur.