Training whilst ill

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Taita, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. I've currently got a cough, its not too bad during the day but around 0330-0400 it is a fecking nightmare.

    Also when I breathe deep, my airway feels a bit tight and wheezy. Only coughing up a small amount of gunk.

    I've got some AOSB tests soon so I want to keep improving my run times, I appreciate that my performance will suffer whilst ill but I am curious:

    A) If I train whilst ill will it take longer to shift? Tests are 2nd Aug.
    B) If I don't train, will my fitness suffer in that timeframe
    C) If I do train will I damage stuff longer term?
    D) Tips for getting rid of it! Am trying to sleep as much, plenty of Convonia/Lemsip etc.

    Have already put tests back once so don't want to it again.

  2. Dont train whilst ill.

    Easier said than done though.
  3. I agree. You will recover faster if you don't overtax your system with unnecessary effort.
  4. I was once told if the symptoms are above the neck, e.g. headache, runny nose, train although don't push it too hard. But if it's below the neck i.e. chest symptoms, to leave it until you're better. It's served me well in the past.
  5. Not for me.

    Stubbed my toe 3 years ago, reckon I've got a few more years left in that excuse :lol:
  6. Looks like I'll stick to banging out the situps / pressups etc and hope my cardio doesn't drop too much.

    Stocked up on Lemsip / Covonia though, so tonight should be spacey :)
  7. That is the same advice I always give.