Training.... what next


Over the last 6 months i've started training again, I can now 'comfortably' run 10 mile without any problems. What do I do next, do I carry on further, add some weight, reduce times further??

I'm doin this once or twice a week between visiting the gym and shorter runs of approx 3 mile. I don't really time myself much either, I just give as good as I've got.... I'm looking to rejoin in a few months, I just want to ensure I'm at my 'peak of fitness' so to speak.

Appreciate any ideas you’ve got....


May aswell time yourself, takes no effort to do so and it gives you a benchmark to always be aiming for. Add to that the fact your required to hit distances within certain times, may aswell get good at judging your speed now?


I'd add some weight with something like a weighted vest. Google it.

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