Training Wall Poster - SA80 (2) Needed

Good Evening, All.

Ratty22 here, on the Cadge. I'm just going back in after sustaining an injury in training. (Long story, but basically I'm now fully fit again.) I need to do some fairly swift revision for which I could do with a wall chart showing an exploded view of the SA 80 (2), with the component parts named.

Anyone either got one that they're prepared to pass on or can advise where I might get one.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks to those who took the time to read. Seems I'll have to try another tack.

Nothing Heard.

A Pam would also suffice.

You can get them from your training wing or from DII (F).

Unless you mean back in to Basic, in which case don't worry. You will be taught all you need to know.
How sexy is that!
Smash. Splendid, just the very job. Thanks.

Whiskey 60. Well yes, naturally, as have at least the last three generations of Rats. Doesn't everybody?

Ratty 22

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