Training twice a day, 5 days per week...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Im doing 25 mins upper body weights, then 50 mins cardio speed on the treadmill in the gym, avg 4.3 miles at 9am.

    Then at 5pm im doing a 3.2 miles road run with big long hills.

    Total calorie burn is about 1600 per day from excersize.

    08:30am Breakfast: Oats

    11:00am Post Gym Munch: 3 Boiled egg whites & tomato on 4 toast.

    13:00pm Lunch: 2 Med size jackets with a tin of tuna or beans.

    <<maybe a sandwich or a light snack between lunch & dinner>>

    19:00pm Dinner: Very large plate of brown rice with either a can of tuna or 2 chicken breast. On the side of that ill have 1/2 cuecumber, 2 med tomatoes & quarter of onion.

    3 ltrs of water daily

    That really concludes my daily intake in the week, weekends I eat healthy but ill have the odd takeaway.

    I feel healthy, im not hungry and I float between 92 & 94kg

    I feel im eating a lot of food, but just not calorie heavy. I reckon im burning my daily intake during excersize, is this ok?

    I float between 92-94kg and im 6 2"...
  2. Im doing 25 secs upper body weights (Putting T-Shirt on), then 50 Secs cardio speed on the stairs at home, avg 4.3 meteres at 9am.

    Then at 5pm im doing a 3.2 meter road wobble with big long hotdogs.

    Total calorie intake is about 10600 per day from snackercise.

    08:30am Breakfast: 2 Bacon 2 Egg 2 Sausage 4 Rounds of Toast Beans Chips and two large Teas

    11:00am Post Lunch Munch: 3 Mars Bars and a Cadburys Creme Egg

    13:00pm Lunch: 2 Med size Burgers with chips and Beans
    <<maybe another burger or hot dog between lunch & dinner>>

    19:00pm Dinner: Very large plate of Chips with Curry nice and a Kebab washed down with 6 cans of coke

    3 ltrs of Diet Coke daily for the healthy option.

    That really concludes my daily intake in the week, weekends I drink till I pass out with at least 3 takeaways.

    I feel hungry, im not healthy and I float in the bath

    I feel im eating a lot of food, thats calorie heavy. I reckon im burning my insides away, is this ok?

    I float between 192-194kg and im 4 2"...
  3. That was me 2 years ago!
  4. You've grown a lot in those 2 years haven't you!
  5. Carlbcfc,

    you've posted a statement, not a question. WTF is the point of your post? Are you joining up, are you doing selection, are you planning a polar expedition, do you just want to be fit?

    You ask is this OK - if you're planning on entering the Olympics, I'd step up a gear if I was you. Otherwise, impressive for a civvy doing bugger all else I spose

    I tug off up to three times daily. Is this enough? I want to star in porn-films.

  6. That's a lot, what's your volume like?

    Is it progressive or are you following a non-linear tugging approach?
  7. Did you read it? the question was in there.

    I reckon im burning my daily intake during excersize, is this ok?

    ..but ill break it down for you if you like...

    Will burning your daily intake harm you??

    Should of just put that really shouldnt I.

    Joining up.
  8. You'll be fine, tired but fine.

    Of course when you get to basic your diet will be full english, chips, pies, spotted dick and custard .
  9. Everything had roast potatoes with it when I went through basic. Dessert was always bread an butter pudding and custard :(
  10. I'm doing 5 litres of wine daily.

    I lost 3 days last week!!
  11. You can triple that output when your residing in Belmarsh after the plod get through your memory stick !! :D
  12. No. Its not possible to expend your entire calorific intake on physical activity, as your body requires calories just to heat itself, pump your blood, breathe, create new red blood cells etc. Even in a coma you would need 1500kcal per day just to stay alive.
    So if you're burning 1600kcal on phys, your body will require 3100 (ish) just to maintain the status quo.
  13. reni_77

    I think you'll find I'll be catching, not pitcthing :)

    Calrbcfc- I'm no expert but use more cals than you take in, you get thinner. Take in more than you expend, you get fatter.

    You're not going into the int by any chance are you?
  14. I know that bloody answer chin, it the obvious one.

    I was more interested in if it is bad for you to end the day on say +100 calories after calculating everything up.

    sandmanfez, so in theory I should be dropping weight.
  15. Are you trying to lose weight or increase your athlete performance in a specific pursuit (which I'm not sure from your post).

    Also, what's wrong with some deadlifts or squats for lower body power/strength. Once a week is all that is required.