training to music

I run along with an MP3 player. Got about 1000 songs so far, with room for at least 500 more.

Some good up beat running tunes on there.
Just whack a good mixture of AC/DC, Metallica and the Rocky soundtrack on your preferred media..

Fly along and become fit as a fecuk.
Nightwish! :twisted:
Thrash out the miles to some hard and heavy riffs,
Rob Zombie, Marilyn manson, NIN, Queens of the stoneage, metallica, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Soundgarden, RATM, Pod, System of a Down, White Zombie,

Anything fast and LOUD!! :twisted: :evil:

DWTD :evil: :evil:
Hawkwind - Orgone accumalator. Lemmy going mental on the bass prior to his Motorhead days.
Ramones - Warthog.
Stranglers - Ugly.

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