Training the Trainer course - tippetty topp

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Just done this, highly recommended for anyone involved in training - just as well, as it will soon be mandatory. The instructors are very very good and the subject matter is actually very interesting.

    Even better, it gets you a civvie qual - CTTLLS / BTEC level 4, which would cost about £1k in the civilian world.

    Shouting is just sooooo 19th century...
  2. It already is for anyone teaching Phase 1 or Phase 2 trainees. I did it a couple of years ago and I agree with you-a top course and when it came to the Care of Trainees part of the course, they got in an actress to play the part of a trainee who was being bullied by other trainees. It wasn't until later on I realised why I recognised her-she's the one in a green top

    I'll be honest-I learnt more about getting the best out of those junior to you on this course than I did on my Leading Rates and Senior Rates Command Course.
  3. Unfotunately the Civvie Qual isn't valid North of the wall!
  4. Is this the ASLS course (three parts, TATE, TALD and something else)? Glad to hear its good - off on it soon
  5. Thats the one.
  6. Im on the 6 day jobbie in Nov.....
  7. Start mine Next month over 3 w/es!
  8. i did the ASLS course last month, its not all its cracked up to be, most of it is a waste of time but i can see what they are trying to get across.
  9. she looks scarily like a bird i was boffing a while back
  10. Assuming we are talking about the same course, if you think its a waste of time, you're not fit to be an instructor.
  11. Possibly a stupid question, but what's the difference between this and DITS? (Defence Instructional Techniques in case it's changed it's name this week).
  12. Its some way above DITS, which you'll need to get the civvie qual - it looks at coaching skills, rather than presentation technique; leadesrhip development, the training environment, how people learn. Starts getting into the psychology behind learning.

    If you think thts alla bit pink and fluffy, all three syndicate DS are Infantry Colour Sergeants.
  13. Cheers BB. Not all too fluffy for me, but then I got quite excited by the DITS course (once I got passed the "this course is being taught according to principles you are learning in this course" conundrum), as I could see myself using a lot of principles in training customers.

    In the words of msr, I shall speak to my PSI about it.
  14. Hope you weren't her instructor at the time ;)
  15. not officially but i sure showed her a few tricks ;-)