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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Had do you do it?

    We currently have many tests to ensure we have maintained the levels of training we had when we passed our recruits course. We obviously have a duty of care to ensure soldiers deploying on Ops can pass these tests, but why do them annually or bi-annually. Fitness and WHT obviously don't lie in this category as they are difficult to correct in a short amount of time or they are Health and Safety measures.

    Or put another way .... If we are passing tests annually why have Chilwell or if we have Chilwell why are we doing the tests annually?

    Since 2001 98.6% MATTS/ITD were undertaken for bounty but only 1.4% were for Ops. Isn't this excessive waste?

    Then we arguments about TA units not receiving some new equipment because its deemed its too complicated for the TA. Well maybe if we removed some of the tests and converted them into progressive training??

    What about skills such as shooting which require bi-annual weapons tests and an investment in range quals. Maybe add a 4 days shooting package onto the mobilisation package and not shoot during the training year, gaining perhaps 4-5 days extra days training per soldier.

    Just thinking out of the box (and I wouldn't really remove shooting from the training year) but some of the above would result in TA soldiers with a potential 100+% improvement in trade skills (if the time freed up was used on trade) but still deploy on Ops at the required MATT standard.
  2. Unfortunatley, I have a mate who is a PSI, he pulls out all the stops for the TA regarding organised training, only to be let down with attendance. Most of the regs have these renouned veiws of the TA because they turn up when it suits there personal needs, something in it for them (financial).
  3. I know of a number of soldiers who are only turning up for the money, undertaking training they've already done. A number of TA going on Ops are also doing for better pay.

    This never used to happen (I hope)
  4. I'm working on removing all MATTS only trg and doing all MATTS in the field on exercise, march and shoot/nav, (CFT/G&Z)on Inf type ex, BCDT via RTA type scenario, CBRN same, only MATT 6 will be done in classrooms and on TNT. The plan is to try to do each MATT 2-3 times a year in the field (4-6 Ex's) allowing all troops at least one attempt. Might have to run a washup but anyone who couldn't make any of the ex's don't deserve to serve anyway.
  5. Whitehorse, that's a f***ing cool idea, I will propose this to my mucker, get the lazy fu**er's to earn the cash!!
  6. Remember, all soldiers were once keen and hard. Try to ramp the trg up too quickly and the numbers going out the door will close the unit down before the recruits can make up time and realistically we are after keeping the trained bods, just bringing them back up to speed. The best way therefore is to do it slowly, I don't expect a great change and it will take 18 months to 2 years to fully turn it around, I'm confident it will work though. Keep everyone heading the same way and finish every exercise and weekend with some form of achievement, if they go home with a job well done, they will return :D

    PS Don't forget too that enablers are needed to sustain any unit, just because Sgt X is 48 and well over weight, it does not mean he should be ditched, work with him and bring him along too, lead by example and don't live in an office on TNTs get out and get to know who works hard and who disappears for a smoke. :wink:
  7. Well said! Unit's rely on these types when the guys are away on operations.

    This something we used to do on a regular occasion, although it's not always possible. The CSM and OC also planned some form of Phys on every weekend, whether that was a tab off the range or a game of volleyball. The blokes loved it, and kept coming back for more.
  8. Exactly and I think the problems over the past few years effected similar units. The core TA soldier wants to soldier, not being a lazy extension of the Emergency services.

    This has been going on for nearly 100 years. The TA in WW1 provided more infantry battalions than the regular army asked from them, the New (Kitchener) Army worked but the TA proved it was a more stable platform for increasing the size of the army (the new army had serious problems with class issues e.g. pals battalions, which infected the entire army).

    In WW2, we'd become 50% Infantry and 50% Air Defence. We struggled to get to full numbers with our diminished teeth role.

    Falklands/Gulf 1, again I've heard of many tales of units being able to form 2nd line formations. Batley, a small town in West Yorkshire could nearly form two companies (battalion?) from interested recruits during these events but again it was teeth roled units.

    GW2, to be honest many non teeth arm units came close to folding. I worked my arrse off helping to sustain my sqn, I did everyones job from LCpl to Sgt while filling a post above my rank.
  9. Violins!


    I'm sure I can hear violins.....