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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GSSigs, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I am trying to get dates for the SAA (TA) instructors course.

    Can anyone enlighten me to dates, locations and maybe even PM me contact details.

    Thanks :D
  2. March next year, INfantry Battle School Brecon. Only one a year and I've just done this years...
  3. one just finished last weekend - i had one of my guys on it - i was told there is another at the end of the year but this is rumour?
  4. I believe that the SASC can/do go to RTCs& run courses, I think there's one at York at the end of April, again a big I THINK.
  5. Rumour Control reckon 2 a year but I've yet to see any evidence of a second course. As far as I know the course is an annual event and always the middle two weeks in March at Brecon. Express an interest NOW and keep on at your staff. Hard course to get on but really worth it if you want it. Excellent instruction on both subject and instruction method.

    Shame to hear so many students commenting how they were only there for their bounty when some of us had to fight for a place. I thought that kind of dinosaur TA soldier was extinct...
  6. There was rumour of a course being run in Warminster later this year, and in York soon, but I also heard rumour's in Brecon of both of these courses being pulled!
    Just to re-iterate Lady_Macbeth's comments - my section SASC instructor said that there is only one of these courses a year at Brecon so you should aim to get on that one!
  7. The asteroid isn't here quite yet, but its coming, believe me. Ther'll be a Night of the Long Knives in the next few years to purge these people, and I think it'll be in the form of an 8 Mile CFT.
  8. I've heard that one is being run at Strensall in April.
  9. What an 8 mile CFT.....jacket on..
  10. There is one being run a TAG North but it is for RTC/Potential RTC instructors only. Any shortfall on take up should result in a call forward on the reserves from the IBC course held recently. SASC won't run a course at RTC level due to course manning requirements.