Training/Surrogate Landmines.....

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Training/Surrogate Mines now available... Exact Detection Signature given off by the identical Real Mine has been enabled in these... For Full Details Go Here:

    Training Mines

  2. Hey Gundulph!
    Long time etc etc
    The Trg stuff looks good.
    Do they have ze Wehrmacht Teller '43 AT and Stockmine AP? Zis is vot ve are dealing mit at ze moment.....Ah, the Ghost of Rommel still walks the dunes....
    Tread Safe mate
  3. Staaken,

    Yes, every mine! I guess you are in ze Germans and Ities battlefield area of Libya! almost went myself last year you lucky barstewards you are working in an area very much untouched! if you are doing any Level 1 out there and need a guide who knows Every mined area location throughout N. Africa let me know, he has taken Germans, Brits and Italians to the actual places they last saw comrades to pay their respects, come across any German 'S' Mines yet? what are the condition of the mines you have found so far? we are able to provide basic surrogate mines i.e. same size, shape, weight etc. at a low cost through to surrogate mines that actually give off the EXACT Signature as would the real McCoy of that particular mine (these as you can imagine are quite pricey though but once in your Companies Toolbox they are priceless when it comes to training deminers and clearing areas safely) would give off while detecting for the little fella, which you and I both know isn't as easy as it sounds a lot of the time!

    Good Luck out there...

  4. Gunders
    Not quite - although a few of the boys are out there doing the stuff. Check out INF forum "Help - Tracing Vet from desert campaign" thread - If you PM me the details of that fella, you mentioned I could pass them to my chums. I'm awaiting a new phase to the Denmark project - last year we uncovered quite a few viable Teller and Stockmines. Interesting Times etc etc.
    Take care, tread safe
  5. Ah Ha, instead of you mingling with the Ninjas in sizzling heat poor you is clearing a beach in Denmark surrounded by large breasted, scantily clad, Brit loving Scandinavian Birds!!!?

    I feel really sorry for you there fella [​IMG]