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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellfyyr, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Super Training Site!

    This is the PFI monolith that will see the majority of tradesmen trained by civilian instructors. It will bring with it more resources but at what cost? I see standards lapsing, another expensive PFI that we are tied to (e.g. Colchester - took 6 years for them to even lay a brick...) and the concern that this will reduce the opportunities for a soldier to teach at trade.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Yay, you're finally getting more pork in the UK!

    I see that local Labour MP John Smith ran a pretty close race last election - 41.2% vs 37.3% with the Tories (majority 1,808). Apparently, he's the 572nd-safest MP (out of 642). Could lose his seat next time.

    Hmm, no connection at all, I'm sure...
  3. What is this place supposed to provide and to who? The article is cr*p as it doesn't gop into ant detail. I expect 1 Para must be chuffed to bits NOT.
  4. What sort of training will be carried out here? Where will it be moved from?
  5. One of the many rumours is that RMAS will loose the 'S' and relocate to Wales: the MoD and the Treasury are desperate to sell the place to developers.

  6. Thanks, probably a case of waiting out to see which piece of 300 year old history is sold off this time in order to make two property companies wealthy. (the one who buys the old site at a fraction of market value) and the one who gets the 30 years gravy train that is PFI.

    I seem to think that some git in MOD has been seeking to destroy Dartmouth, Sandhurst and Cranwell for years in order to create some hideous tri-service officer training institute.

    Apologies to any St Athan residents (and I do like Wales) but isn't St Athan also f#cking miles from anywhere (including decent training areas)?
  7. Stripping the Army of its identity and personal pride is the day to day business of these bastarts isnt it?
  8. It's rumoured that the Royal School of Signals will move there from Blandford, as well as the RAF and Navy equivalents to create a Defence School of Engineering/Comms type establishment.
  9. Well, all our comms lot are trained at HMS Collingwood in Fareham near Portsmouth and they've just invested an awful lot of money in the place.

    So no doubt it'll be closed! Seriously though, I cannot see them moving from Collingwood.

    Close Cranwell-seriously, who honestly gives a sh1t? It's not as if they're going to lose hundreds of years of tradition. Move them all to a travellodge hotel. That will do them.

    St Athan is near Barry which is,err, by the sea I suppose and there are plenty of chavs about. Cardiff isn't too far away and Brecon is about an hourish away as well.
  10. Close Cranwell?

    I reckon they'll close the RAF.
  11. No idea about the truth in the rumours - they've been doing the rounds in Blandford since I was a sprog there 7 years ago, and probably before. It's being discussed on the Sigs board - Is Blandford being sold?
  12. You're still a sprog now!!! :wink:

    Pulls out pin and stands back......
  13. When 5live was tx'd from Blandford a few weeks back, the man from the ministry was interviewed and almost certainly said that the RSS would move, but that Blandford would not close (1 Sigbde ?)
  14. Fred Cat wrote
    " seem to think that some git in MOD has been seeking to destroy Dartmouth, Sandhurst and Cranwell for years in order to create some hideous tri-service officer training institute."

    Hum for what its worth, the Thais have had this system since 50s. The three armed forces plus regular police officers all start off at the Chulalunkorn Military Acadamy. They do the basic military training then specalize to arm.
    This has lead to the local habit of powerful associations of class of Y developing and dominating local politics. By tradition Class Y forms strong associations with class's X & Z, their immediate seniors and juniors.
    A dangerous formula for they also have the habit of identifing with the up and comming generation of High Level Recruits to the Civil Service.
    All Military and Civil servents retire at 60 giving their 'Group' a point to aim at to achive power.
  15. The majority of phase two trade training will go on there. Activities that currently go on at:

    Arborfield, Deepcut, Blandford, Cosford etc etc...