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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by looktowindward, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. In terms of getting fit for service (TA - but I want to get fit so I'm using their targets anyway even if I decide against signing up) what's the best pattern for Running and Resistance training?

    Currently, I'm doing a 20-30 minute run followed by resistance training - free weights - every other day. However, I'm bl**dy knackered by the time I'm done and I feel cr*p the next day and I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it.

    Am I better off doing weights/running on alternating days? If so, what's the best way to warm up before doing weights?

    My target for running is to sustain a 7 minute mile (I.e. the 13:30 mile-and-a-half run) for about 4-5 miles - my dad was sustaining it for 19 miles when he was in his mid-to-late-thirties and training for the marathon, so if he can do it so can I, I'm only 28 ;-) Less sure about targets for resistance training - I know it's heaves/situps for the armed forces fitness tests, so if someone can give me some guidange on good targets that will mean I can do the fitness tests comfortably then I'd appreciate it. (I'd like to aim for "green" rather than an "yellow" pass. Not fussed if I don't get green on the day though as long as I'm that sort of level - more of a personal target)

    Oh, and anyone know if the fact I've got f**ked back teeth as a result of wisdom teeth coming through when there wasn't enough space is going to be a problem at the very first medical? (Teeth at the back are all broken up, but they're dead so they don't bother me and I've never bothered having them taken out. They don't take out wisdom teeth any more before they come through any more, because the general anathetic (Sp?) is too risky. Because of where I've come in the cycle, I get to have a medical in only a week and a couple of days, despite only turning up for the first time last week - not enough time to get them sorted)

  2. Nothing wrong with alternating resistance days and running days. Warm up by doing anything cardio-vascular - treadmill, stationary bike, skipping rope.

    Make sure you take rest days - train no more than 5 days per week to start with. Exercise only works if your body is allowed to recover properly after.
  3. if the teeth dont bother you then they shouldn't bother the army.
  4. Trouble is, those are mutually exclusive goals. :-/

    If I run 3 days a week and don't do resistance exercise on the same days, I only get 2 days a week to do resistance training on.
  5. Absolute crap.

    You can and SHOULD get them out on the NHS if this work is required. Your Dentist should be referring you to your local Orthodontist or Consultant Facial Maxilliary Surgeon at your local hospital for further consultation.

    I got all my wisdom teeth removed, for the same reason as yourself [not enough room for them to grow], under general anaesthetic a few years ago. Never had any problems. Only be prepared to come out of hospital looking like a demented hamster with full pouches.

    Surprised none of the resident Sappers never mentioned it, but, should you, at a later date, decide to go for RE Diver training, the poor state of your teeth could bar you from this.
  6. They've changed the rules sometime within the last 5 years - my wife actally got as far as being on the waiting list before they stopped doing them. (In may case, it might be that they didn't realise that there wasn't enough space before they'd started coming through and then there was no point or something)

    Too late for me anyway, they've come through and fallen apart.

    I'm going for Royal Signals, I don't think there's much call for that underwater ;-)
  7. Ignoring dental problems is a big no-no, and could come back and bite you in the ar&e in years to come. (excuse the pun)
    My wisdom teeth were impacted, so I had them all out under local anaesthetic as I react really badly to general. It wasnt a particularly pleasant experience, but its a snip compared to childbirth, traumatic amputation or Christmas with the in-laws.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Dodgers ya big wuss! I had mine whipped out under local anaesthetic by a Glaswegian lesbian RADC Major in Belize: the most painful part was the bruising on my chest where she'd braced her knee against me; managed to splatter her with a big jet of pus and blood though! :D
  9. Luxury!

    I had mine taken out via a chest cavity by three transco fitters, none washed thier hands and they beat me black and blue for the privelidge.

    Then it was home for a cup of cold gravel and a beating off my dad
  10. You lucky lucky bast*rd cp!!!! Did she smell of diesel?

    windward, all I can say, is that it must be a local NHS Trust funding thingy then mate. Our local bunch of corpse-creators are still doing it.

    Underwater......yeeeees - no one can hear a Scalie whine down there - bliss.
  11. "Stop it (sniff :cry: ) you're making me all nostalgic and homesick!"
  12. whenever i go out for a run i tend to do some weight/resistance training afterward.
    although i rest the day after (especially if im aching) i would like to know from any arrse pti's who much training is suitable i.e weight & cardio training everyday or every other day?
  13. If you can, then replace one of your run/resistance days with a good 45 minute swim - it's low impact but will knacker muscles you've forgotten you had.
  14. I don't know where to post question, but seams here would be ok.
    I bought stationary bike today. It has monitor, when I put really much strength on pedals my heart rate on monitor jumps on 170 and I can not pedal for long.
    So I at the end today I was driving 10km for 30min and mark for mph was around 15 (somethimes20mph) and then my heart rate was more normal around 120. I didn't wanted to do it much since it is first day I can increase every day a bit. But do you have some suggestions should I drive faster to increase that mph, or it is more important to drive longer. I don't have any specific goal, here is winter and I can go out it is -10c, and I usually walk about 5km daily and now I have a lot of work home (some design at computer at least 8hours daily) and it is to cold for walks. I would love to lose 3kg (6ibs) to but since it was needed for me 3 months to lose just 1kg then I don't except to much(I am 5*7 and 134ibs).
  15. You know when you go to France and the locals are all ******* arrogant unhelpful unwashed kiddy fiddling pick-pockets, thats them training for the resistance that is!