Training RLC Bomb Disposal Ops

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Frangipano, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. The staffy in question is a cracking bloke, I'm not aware of his IEDD credentials however....
  2. Crads !! Thin faced... and a Capt !!! who'd of thought it... well done to the bloke though.. knew him as a Sgt.. top lad ! Nice documentary as well... Nice to see Kineton hasn't changed much... still raining !
  3. Fully agree... I knew him as a Sapper/Lcpl/CPL a 'couple' of moons ago 8O

    Why the ??? above Frangipano?
  4. Good piece of reporting.

    What part of Joint EOD Force didn't you get? The 'other side' happen to be Islamic fundamentalists and any other loony with murder by bomb in their heart. :roll:
  5. Search being a key part of EOD - don't see why the Sapppers shouldn't teach it in at the School.

    EOD drivers are taught by driving instructors at Leaconfield. Bleeps are taught by serving and ex-R Signals. ATO/ATs are on staff at OPTAG. What is the issue?

    Good article I thought
  6. There are also RN and RAF instructors teaching at the JS level.

    It would be a little difficult to get an RLC instructor seeing as he is on POTL!

    Frangipano, maybe you ought to learn a little about your target/audience before you start trying to kick off.
  7. There are 4 teams at the school (5 if you include me) A Team teaches Afghan, B Team teaches Joint Service ie MACP for uk mainland. Joint Service hence RLC, RAF, RN and even god help us RE, (only joking). And if you paid attention to the article you'd have noticed he was on during the UK bit. The RE lad in question worked for me when I ran the JS team and I can honestly say is a first class instructor.

    And herrumph he's an IED instructor not search.

    A gift? Let's be honest fellas and lasses we've all got enough shit to be getting on with without this RLC/RE shite that normally goes on. Especially today!!!!!!

    And after today do you still all want a Defence EOD operator?

    And why so many RE people on the RLC thread? Unless you're all paranoid? Now what you saying about us? :D
  8. Sadly its still going to happen! It will be forced in, promotions depend on it happening. They really do not give a f**k
  9. Title of the thread included the words 'bomb disposal' ... bound to draw in us old wedges quicker than something titled 'EOD' :wink: