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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_op_till_i_die, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Don't know what people will think on here but just thought i would see general consensus.

    Just been told today that after 10 days "leave" ( suspension ) i have been told i am being posted out of bassingbourn after only 9 months. My crime? Giving a recruit a clip around the back of the head for falling asleep on a bus while a Colonel was giving a briefing. Said Colonel was happy with that, but recruits mother was not. She complained and i get binned! :evil: :x .

    Like i said all i did was give him a clip around the back of the head and now i have to leave. Was i right or Wrong? In my eyes it was nothing and all blown out of proportion.

    Anyway just thought i would see the response from the CORPS as he is a wannabe Engineer :x :x
  2. I'd love to say i'm shocked mate, but afraid i'm not, but take solace in one thing, if his attitude needs adjusting it will (hopefully) get sorted out first time he back chats or nods off in his regiment...

    We're trying to breed fighting men, who bring notes from mummy when the going gets tough.

    each consecutve generation didn't have it as tough as the last, i distinctly remember being told on my 7562nd knee to the chest at 1 & 3 on my B3 in 1986 we didnt know we were born, and should of been at the old Cove in the spiders etc etc, but i do think a certain "robustness" should be expected from troops, and if mummies little soldier can't stay awake on a bus, how's he going to do on eccers or even worse (and more likely these days) on ops.

    I remember getting a lecture on "junior command under fire" on my JNCO's cadre from Tony jeapes (scary man) and the guy next to me pecked off, General Jeapes' exact words were

    "Staff, i'm obviously boring that little c unt there, please take him outside and wake him up" far as i know he's still doing laps of the MT square at tidworth with his gat over his head.... no complaints from any of our mummies as i remember.
  3. Thanks for the comment shortfuse, oh and one of the reasons i am being posted is apparently i am too robust to be an instructor!!!!!!!!
  4. Feck me, what is the world coming to? Or should I say the British Army?
    Unbelievable!! Utter utter disgrace, what else can you say?
  5. Jesus, they never met Tank m****, Big Shuggy H***** "Runner" C***** and Pete h*** then....

    They wouldn't of got in the door at a training establishment these days unless it was of the "borderline phsycotics" wing :)

    Take the lessons learnt mate, and put them to good use "re educating" the young men and ladies passing through these establishments when they get to your unit, not in a "drink my urine and play euchre until your eyes bleed" way (i know you planties love your euchre :)) but in a "your trainings only just started until you prove me wrong" way.

    Good luck for the future mate, and i for one as your new boss would take the situation as a back handed compliment.
  6. Funnily enough I went through training with a lad called Tan M***** he then went out to 32!!
  7. Fecking disgusting. Really winds me up, I know everyone says that it was harder in their time, but this really takes the biscuit!

    Better off out of there mate, least you can keep an eye on the gobby little mummies boys when they get into the real army.
  8. I remember when MPF's were renound for dishing out thier own brand of dicipline(usually at the back of the plant garages), it was off the record and a lesson you learnt well, you never made the same mistake twice.

    Allthough not the way to go nowadays (to un PC and bullying), you never went running to mummy every time the scary man looked at you in a funny way.

    They'll learn when/if they get to a unit.

    Gordy. ex fitter RE, of God's own corp.
  9. i think thats well gay!!

    im at lichfield at the minute doing phase1 and from what people have told me we have it so much easier now then before the cpls cant do hardly anything to us now.

    we had an 1157 check and one of the lads told some inspecter and the troop sgt got in loads of shit because hes not allowed to do them.

    some propper mama's boys here i just wish the would piss off home.

    /ninja of the future
  10. ATRA's rules are bollix anyways.

    Welcome back to the real Army plant_op_till_i_die. Good to have you back.
  11. Cheers fat badge,

    To be honest, i CAN'T wait to get back to the corps, sick of trying to work under ATRA and "The ITGIS" policy, and i can't get play EUCHRE!!!!!! Too many non Engineer types!!!
  12. I hope someone (you preferably) gets posted to the same unit as this lad then installs some proper teachings of the ways of the Army- however bet that cant be done at unit level anymore either!!
  13. I fell asleep in a signals lesson many years ago - had a nice whip mark across my back from where Q flags brandished an antenna very swiftly to show his annoyance.

    Try explaining that one away when ya get home - needless to say no matter how boring his lessons were never nodded off again.
  14. That is really pants. If he can fall asleep when the colonel is giving a talk he could fall asleep on stag thus putting the rest of us in danger. Perhaps put it that way to the little scrotes mother. Totally justified, you did nothing wrong. Next time you see the little shi'ite accidental clout him round the head with a backhoe!
  15. Every generation training gets a little softer, and fighting gets a little harder.
    In the army of ancient Rome, the punishment for falling asleep on stag ---------- rest of the unit stabs you to death, as that is the danger that you exposed them to. :twisted: