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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by drscab, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, I'm looking to join the Army as a soldier when I graduate university in 3 years, but at the moment I'm a bit of a fat cnut (18st) and want some advice on a training regimen to follow whilst I'm at university to help me get Army fit by the time I graduate.

    I also had an Arthroscopy on my right knee in 2004 (rubgy injury). It is all healed now, but I don't want to start running too heavily on it just yet

    I'm currently following this pattern:

    Mon: 8 mile HARD bike ride followed by 1 hour situps/pushups etc
    Tues: 10 mile medium bike ride
    Wed: Rest
    Thurs: 4 Mile run followed by 1 hour situps/pushups etc
    Fri: 8 mile hard bike ride
    Sat/Sun: 10 mile medium bike ride or 8 mile run

    When I go back to university next week I'm going to join the gym there so any specific exercises I should do would be greatly appreciated!
  2. You're 18 stone and can do an hour of press ups and sit ups at a time?

    Is a large part of this hour spent resting?
  3. Its roughly an hour, 15 reps of one, rest a few mins, 15 reps of the other, rest, rinse and repeat
  4. He mentions that he's a Rugby player, therefore I would imagine that he's not 18 stone of blubber.

    Correct me if i'm wrong though big boy!
  5. Try taking a note of how many reps of each you actually do in this hour. I'd be interested to see the results.

    How about doing some swimming too?
  6. Yep swimming is a good type of excerise, conditions your body, is a no impact cardio excerise and is good when you generally feel tired.