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I think I posted this in the wrong section before so apologise in advance for replicating it here!

After a long wait my son heard today that he has been passed medically fit to continue with his application to join up. He had minor knee surgery last year. He already goes to the gym and swims several times each week. Could anyone suggest a training regime he could do for the next couple of months that would put him in good stead for when he gets in.

Thanks guys.
The army is more about functional strength (the ability to lift and endure the burden of oneself rather than weights) than gym-work, certainly in basic anyway.

Swimming is a good work-out.. but you don't really have to be any good at it in most army trades... you have to be "good" at running and upper body fitness. Thus, he needs to concentrate on these more. I don't mean he should cut out the swimming by this.

He could start at week 4-5 on this simple regime:

Might look pretty easy, but it will still do the business in terms of helping his BASIC, and he certainly doesn't want to risk repeat injury to his knee.
There are a lot of things he can do, but I'd like to know what surgery he had done to his knee first. Non-impact stuff like cross/eliptical trainers are good for simulating running without actually doing the impact.

If you want me to do a plan, email me at with his details and have a look for you

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