Training regime - Punch bag work

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jonny36, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. I train one day running and the next in the gym.

    My gym work comprises of weights which I have done for years but only recently scaled down to concentrate more on loosing weight and increasing my fitness.

    I have recently started bag work but although I haver a decent jab, jab & right hook routine I can't really get a good hard cardio routine together.

    Any ideas from the boxers amongst you?

    Plus I am the only person ever in the boxing gym at the moment so I have no routines to copy.
  2. If you are just training for fitness then keep it pretty basic. Rounds of 2-3 minutes with a minutes rest, keep your combinations simple, Double jab right cross and one two's, with the odd hook and uppercut. Try skipping and shadow boxing too for a bit of variety.
  3. Try working the bag into a circuits set for example:

    Beat the bag as hard as you can for 1 minute

    30 seconds rest

    Knees to chest 1 minute

    30 secs rest

    Skipping 1 minute

    30 secs rest

    1 minute press ups

    1 minute rest

    This comprises one set, repeat this X10 sets and you will be hanging, you can swap around the exercises depending on what you want to work on. I find one really good station on the circuit is a 20 m sprints with a down and up at each turn around ( go prone on the floor and then get back up again without your knees touching the floor) try and do twenty shuttles before moving on to the next activity.

    This is a really high intensity programme, the key to it is keep the intensity right up you should be about 8-10 on RPE (i.e. hanging) but it will get you fit!
  4. as above keep as simple as you can

    get a combination such as jab,right cross, left hook, then do it as may times as you can in a minute, collapse to the floor breathing like a dirty phone call then get up and do an other min of double jab right cross ect and repeat
  5. I do bag work of 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest usually. I have done 30 minutes continusally on it before, obvisouly not full out though. Heres a regime I do

    3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest x 5-10
    10-20 minutes rowing
    1 minute flat out on bag

    I don't use my bag often and usually only use it as a warmup prior to circuits. But if you train with dertermination on the bag you will ceartinley be left hanging.
  6. Back from the gym

    3 min rounds with 30 sec intervals.

    will try other routines mentioned above.

    the best thing is now I have found that I am hitting the bag harder as my wrists are getting more use to hitting the bag.

    also working on the combinations, quite a lot of stuff on you

  7. Try kicking the bag; round kick, front kick and side kick. Kicking takes more effort than punching, and it will also help make your bag-work less boring.
  8. For a boxing only workout try....
    3 mins -Jab, cross, hook
    30 secs rest
    3 mins - jab, hook, uppercut
    30 secs rest
    3 mins close in work ..elbows, bolo punch, low hooks etc.
    30 secs rest
    3 mins - heavy punching anything you want but really go for it, use a bit of visulisation, make every punch as powerful and fast as you can.
    30 secs rest.
    Finish off as many pressups as possible, then start again if you want/can.

    Swop from orthodox to southpaw during the 3 minute rounds.
    Invest in a good pair of bag gloves and wraps if your doing heavy bag work
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  10. Don't use the rowing machine unless you are an oarsman. Chances are you wont know how to use it and it'll really mess your back up.