Training regime for joining up

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ibumchavs, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello chaps i've finally decided to get off my civvy arse and make something of myself instead of meandering around shifting from shite job to even shiter job, after a fair bit of research and chatting to several mates from different branches of the army i've decided to go infantry and will be joining 2 PWRR, i haven't actually applied yet as i'm going to work on my fitness over the summer plus i'm going to be fairly busy over the next few months.

    Strength wise i'm ok but my CV fitness is proper fcuked due to years of skiving P.E and heavy drinking so i need to work on it big time, i went for my first run last night and completed 1.5 miles in around 12 mins which obviously sucks balls, if any of you blokes could glance over my schedule and give any advice it would be much appreciated.


    3x5 Squats
    3x5 Bench Press
    Maximum Dips
    Maximum Chins
    Maximum Pushups and Situps in 2 mins

    Tuesday:1.5 Mile Timed Run

    Wednesday: Weights

    1x5 Deadlift
    3x5 Push Press
    3x3 Power Clean
    Maximum Pullups
    Maximum Pushups and Situps in 2 mins

    Thursday: 3 Mile Fast Paced Run

    Friday: Same as Monday

    Saturday: 5 Mile Jog


    I also walk the dog about 8-10 miles daily.
    Diet wise i've cleaned it right up as i could stand to lose a stone or 2, eating lean proteins, fruit veg n nuts, and complex carbs and keeping water intake high, quit smoking and limit myself to a couple pints up the pub on a sunday afternoon.

    So any advice/opinions?
    Anything will be helpful at this point, just want to get my fitness up to scratch so i can get the ball rolling and start doing something with my life.
    Cheers. Josh.
  2. Get Chris Ryans SAS Fitness book, your local library will have it. Its brilliant its got everything from diets to weights regimes and also running cycling and swimmings programmes. Should be a definate purchase after all he was the one who got away.
  3. Thanks i'll look into it.
  4. drop the fruit as the fructose from the fruit isnt utilized by the body therefore maning you will store it as fat and try and increase your consumption of fats,it increases your levels of testosterone and help with recovery from the worouts,

    training:pyramid your sets so that you dont tear mscles(warm up before an all out set because a serious injury will mean that you may not be able to join up for another year,this happened to a friend of mine who broke his ankle and was unable to join for a year),on the saturday just do a 5 mile cycle or something different to jogging just to break it up a bit and thats it try these things and get to me im sure you will see a dramatic improvemnt in your results in the gym .
  5. Dump the strength / power training from your routine (1-5 rep sets) & either substitute in muscular endurance training (15 reps plus) or do circuit training (more preferable).

    You can do total body resistance workouts twice a week if you still wish to incorporate such training methods, though use rep ranges / rest periods in between sets that would be more conducive for conditioning your body for basic training (10-15+ reps / set, 3-4 sets / exercise, 30-60seconds rest in between sets / exercises, session every 48-72 hours, train alternate muscle groups to main work out intensity during session).

    Train press ups / sit ups whenever really - bang out a set during a TV advert or whatever. It really is just a practice thing as I've found.

    Bench Press
    Dead Lift
    Shoulder / Push Press
    Lateral Pull Downs / Bent Over Rows
    Tricep Pushdowns / Skull Crushers / Close Grip Bench Press
    Barbell Curls / Alternating Supinated Dumbbell Curls

    Running, start by building yourself up to jogging / running 20-30min (then 30-40min) without stopping. Walk for a bit when it gets too much then resume jogging until you reach this time. Quicker than you think you'll be running it without having to slow to a walk once. Once you have a bit of CV fitness look to throw in some interval training / fartlek. Swimming / cycling sessions as well to give your joints a reprieve from running.

    Try not to over think your nutrition (you seem to have a good grasp of what you're doing, don't get over zealous). If you're a bit over weight as you seem to hint at just look towards cutting out all the junk food, beer & late night snacking.