Training question


I'm due to start basic training soon, and I just wanted to ask a question about upper body circuits.

Am I best doing press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups through out the day, or would designating a specific period to do them in better i.e. 400 press-ups in sets over the day, or 400 press-ups in sets in 20 minutes?

Also, what would be best for me to concentrate on - short 1.5 mile runs, or lengthy 4-6 mile runs?


Your work/social schedule will dictate the manner in which you train. If you can set aside maybe half an hour at the start of the day, half an hour at lunchtime, and half an hour before you go to bed, then do your sets then.
If you can only manage an hour at lunch then you're going to have to squeeze your exercises into that period.

Best practise would be to start off doing sets of twenty (depending on your level of fitness), bang out a quick set, rest for five/ten/fifteen seconds, then another set. Obviously, as you get fitter, decrease the rest time.

You can focus on one style of running, but it would be *slightly* detrimental to the other style if you did. I personally have three running sessions a week:

One fartlek session, maybe a three to five mile run with a sprint session at the end. Or failing that, interval training on the a running track

One slower, steady state session, going for seven to eight miles at a pace you can comfortably maintain a conversation at.

And one session that you 'mix it up', throw in some hill reps, some sprints, some long steady bits.

However, whilst this is all very good for me to say, it's up to you to determine the level of fitness you're currently at, and when/where you think you can train.