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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by A_NOT_Taken_Name, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone please list the jobs that once you complete phase2 training you can be promoted to lance corporal.
  2. You need to be a little more specific.

    What regiment? And what's "Promation?"
  3. Want the rank now rather than earn it?
  4. it's an automation integrator, tooling supplier and component manufacturer servicing the automotive and nuclear industries.
  5. all tech related jobs and sorry typo.

    Just curios
  6. Cheers for that Filbert! I think our lad here might be abit off the mark with asking this on the Arrse forums then!
  7. Is that the name of your band?
  8. Yip you want tickets? :D
  9. MOJO magazine say that you are 'Intricate, witty and profoundly musical and have become, within two albums, the most formidable piano trio in the UK', so thanks for the offer but no thanks.
  10. Okay sorry for the typos and other fragmented information my mind spews.

    I would like a list for the purpose of time management for an army career it’s just something I want to work out.
  11. Getting your LCpl straight from Phase two doesnt mean that you'll stay ahead of everone else who joins up at the same time. Getting rank straight from the off usually means you'll mark time in that rank for a while, plus to advance from the initial 'freebie' you'll need the recommendations for promotion and of course the good pen pictures within those SJARs that count for everything at board. Plus of course youll be up against everyone else for the promotion slots, so you cant really map out your career based on getting promoted straight from the factory.
  12. Thank you I really understand what you are saying.
    Thanks :D
  13. I think last time I looked, 'intellegince', your bumped to LCpl after Phase 2 if that's what you mean... :?


    - ELECTRONICS/AVIONICS TECHNICIAN; "On completion of Phase 2 trade training, and dependent on leadership qualities, you may be eligible for immediate promotion to Lance Corporal."
  14. As already said most tech trades promoted to LCpl on completion of trade training.

    Now if you want really quick promotion, join the AT trade. We have a few people who picked up their WO2 after 8 years.
  15. Could always go nursing, get your ACpl on completion of trade training (unless you dont get a recommendation) and then apply for a commission 2 years later!