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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DannyBoy, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. OK I would like a trg program that will get me round the guterloh 1/2 marathon without breaking myself. I am 33 and reasonbly fit for a "clerk" (can't wait for the digs) I am trying todo a build up for next years London Marathon so any help would be most helpful.
  2. At 34 I trained for London in about 3 months after a friend on a charity got me to fill a vacant spot late on. Nothing too technical about it, just broke it down to a month of regular (every other day or so) 5-6 milers, a month of slightly less regular 10-12 milers and then the rest doing 12-18's once a week. Never ran the full distance til the day but came in just under 3.40.

    Not big timing it, just trying to say it's easily achievable - just build up to it steadily in the time you have then eat carbs like they going out of fashion for a couple of days before.

    I now run 1/2's for training once a week and one organised one a year - they hurt every time.

    I'm sure there's more technical advice coming you way - good luck.
  3. I run 10 -12 km most day but i need to step it up, therefore a challenge is required!
  4. This is the British Army Rumour Service. (Not Rumor).

    The word is programme, not program. Do yourself a favour and write in English.
  5. Good advice Lucky_Jim, encouragement all the way. He also spelt Gutersloh and reasonably incorrectly, joined two words together (todo) and spelt his opening word in capitals. Besides sarcasm and poor attention to detail, what is your achilles heel then?!

    Good luck with the training DannyBoy.
  6. You should receive a training programme when you have been selected to run the London Marathon, follow that and you should be Ok. As for the Gutersloh half, if it's anything like 2 years ago, temperatures 0-2 degrees with horizontal snow, nothing can prepare you for that. It's also a really boring route so it would help to run with a partner.

    Good luck!
  7. Get your arrse around the airfield for a few thousand laps, keep an eye out for BMWs flying round though :strong: