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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabbed, Nov 26, 2004.

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  1. Picture the scene....

    Individual fails CFT. Then makes a compaint that NCO had swore at them during test. Investigation into what/why NCO had swore at said indivdual.

    Result: Excuse found to deflect fact that the individual could not pass a mandatory test.

    Is this the shape of things to come?
  2. Not shape of things to come shape of things already here, perhaps we should do the no annual increment if tests not passed, medical categories permitting, not just the fablonned thursday biff chitters.
  3. A bigger incentive would be to remove the bounty for individuals who are not fit for role.

    My main concern here is that disipline and the chain of command are being eroded. If your rubbish at your job, just look for an excuse to deflect the heat onto your line manager or anyone else who says something that is not totally PC.
  4. I reckon bounty should be changed from 'the longer you're in the more you get' to 'the fitter/better at your job you are, the more you get'. The bounty hunters would soon p1ss off and those wanted to be there would have a bit of incentive to put in some more effort. The CO's Certificate of efficency required for bounty should stop being in effect the gift of the PSAOs to those who don't necessarily deserve it..

    I've chucked this out in the heat of the moment, so please feel free to slag off my ill thought out proposal. I'm sure its full of holes...
  5. You cant swear at people ?I might as well hand my kit in now then
    having been sworn at verbally threatned and dragged kicked and punch
    at times .We are supposed to be training for war .
    I'm suprised said indviduial was not told to foxtrot oscar it was a
    women wasent it
    If failed motivate them and give them chance to qualify still 4
    months to go .if unfit for role no bounty the tests are not that difficult
  6. Be real. Professional trainers should not have to resort to swearing or bullying to achieve their aim.

    If you put yourself in a position, during training recruits or soldiers, where you have no-one to corroborate how crap the trainee was you are asking for trouble.

    Also if you refuse bounty to someone who is a prime asset to your unit, be it because of their trade skills, management skills, man management skills or sheer experience that person will vote with their feet and leave you in the poo!

    Motivate the person, invest your time as trainers to build up or improve the skill lacking and you will not only impress the person you now think of as a tosser, but drag a lot of other people along too!

    Isn't that called "Investing in people?"
  7. fair points all the above points valid but what sort of soldiers whines at being sworn at . We all know soldiers who cant finish a sentance without a
    swear word
  8. Where I am at the moment, failure of the CFT and you're out of pocket, CO's rules no CFT no FFR no money. Simple. :twisted:
  9. Yes and no. I normally try your advoacted approach and in the main it works but some people don't respond to this. Unfortunatley for some swearing and the threat of violence is the only way to get them to respond, its not the way I want to operate but it works. What can u do with the types that make u feel agressive? Report them.....yep that'd work ... not
  10. Can anyone else see the point at which the grip on reality was lost.


    I suggest a career in the Scouts if rude words offend you.
  11. Any soldier who makes an official complaint of about being sworn at should be laughed at .And really think about handing their kit in we train
    for a nasty stressfull job and if they cant cope with being sworn at for being unable to do a cft they should wind their neck and start training
    hard (unless injured ) or foxtrot oscar
  12. I was on my MPCA in September. On the final attack I was one of the lucky ones dicked to be Section Commander of a composite section.

    Half way through a section attack during which most of my section seemed to forget everything they had ever been taught, and therefore lots of swearing by me one tw@t says to me "I don't know what you do in your Plt but in our Plt we don't swear at each other". He was a full screw! I didn't know whether to laugh or shout and him. I went for the shouting swearing and spraying spittle at him option.
  13. Exactly WH, and your CO is applying the rules correctly IMO. It's taxpayers money after all.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I don't believe that he is - IIRC the TA CFT has to be attempted to qualify for bounty, not completed.

  15. You're fcuking kidding, right? If that was the case, what would stop me gamely ambling 200 yds down the road before crying off and claiming my [the taxpayer's] cash?