training NCOs GOOD BAD and legendary!!

suppose nowadays the staff cant be classed as "bad"... but as i sit here reminiscing the good old juniors days of 91,remembering how fearless i was/am....a flashback hits me at 100mph! BDR "patch" jones (RP)...WHO SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF US!!! if the troop f***ed up and he was about,half the troop started whimpering for mummy haha! anybody else remember him?think he was 2nd field?...cant really remember any others who had the same diaorrhea(?) inducing qualitys as him,you could here his familiar scream from the other side of camp,beasting the shite out of some poor sod! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ah Patch the facist, he used to hide in the dark, just to try and catch you not swinging your arms :lol:

brocks mags on the way mate.
haha robbo thought youd see this post! im big enough to admit he scared me shitless! got to get geordie oley on here,i recall he had some extra fast drill lessons with patch! :wink:

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