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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panoptes, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Evening Gents,

    I was pondering. Is is better to:

    A) Train like a demon, until almost collapse every other day (alternating between upper body and lower).


    B) Train reasonably until tired everyday (alternating between upper body and lower).

    Any other combinations welcome!

  2. Hello Panoptes,spend some time browsing here and you will find every answer you are looking for plus a few others you never realised you needed to know
  3. How about just finding a structured training program, wouldn't that make more sense?
  4. Each time i go to train i set myself a decent target to accomplish every session.

    My typical session is 100 lengths of 30m pool then changed and into gym for either a leg workout or upper body workout.

    Too much to type out but is helps to get a decent program in your head then just go for it. Whatever suits you, all the programs you see in the net and elsewhere are okay however it is much better to set yourself a program.

  5. I first read this as...


    No probs, Rhodesian. I often have those...