Training interval dates

Hi guys, I've searched the net and havn't found the answer which means im probably using the wrong words to describe what I want. I recently finished uni and have a short term graduate position doing admin, investigation type of work. I will be applying to join the Intelligence Corps shortly before this job comes to an end.

My question is providing I pass the required tests when could I see myself in training, i.e how often are the regular soldier training intervals. I should have finished the job by December 2014 so will be hoping to get into training asap after the new year. My worry is that I could find myself with nothing to do for months waiting for training.

I haven't contacted the AFCO yet as I don't want to start the application as I'm just about to start this job. From what I understand the nature of this job will help my application into the Intel corps.
There are intakes nearly every week for Ph 1, however the intakes for a particular trade can vary quite a lot and depends on how many Ph 2 courses the relevant Ph 2 training establishment runs. You may find that there are only a couple of Ph 1 intakes a year for some trades, others may have intakes more regularly.

As you may have learnt reading some of the threads on this board, the application process can take a while. Get the ball rolling now.

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