Training Injury

Hi All

My son is due to start basic training up at Pirbright early in November, unfortunately about a week ago he managed to damage a ligament in the bottom of his foot. He saw a physio who has advised him not to run for the next couple of weeks and even then only short jogs for the next couple of weeks. Obviously he will follow this instruction but it has really affected his confidence when it comes to starting Basic. Should he discuss this with his ACIO or is it best to wait for a couple of weeks and see how things develop. He does not want to delay starting Basic if it can be avoided, it has taken him 10 months to get to this stage. Any help or advise would be really appreciated.

it would be better to speak to the ACIO, becuase if he attends basic training and then starts "falling back" due to his injury, then he will be backsquadded and could potentially end up injuring himself more.

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