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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bateson, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. hey guys, like many on here it seems im torn between the infantry and choosing a trade, before my interview yesterday i hadent realy thoguht about doing a trade, it was my recruter that acctualy brought it up.
    my recruter has said with my test result i can do anything i want in the army :thumright:

    My question is aimed at ex or current personel, mainly the infantry, i would like to know if there are, as claimed, oppertunitys to get qualifications that are transferable to the civvy world?
    If so id like to know how much time you get to do these things, how much they cost, the type of thhings you can do, and well basicaly anything you can think i might like to know.

    thanks in advance
  2. Most, if not all, of the courses and qualifications you do as part of your job are mapped onto a qualification from a civilian awarding body. The level of the civvi course will relate to the level of your mil course. So, as you progress through you career you get higher civvi quals.

    You will also be entiltled to Standard Learning Credits (SLC) each year which is money you can use for other courses - there are restrictions on what you can do but the quals are all civvi.

    Also, you will get Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) - similar to SLC but worth more - whcih can be used for up to 10 years after you have left the Army.

    When you join you should be briefed on this but you can find out more info by:-
    A. asking your boss (through C of C)
    B. using Google (for a general overview)
    C. asking at your local Army Education Centre (AEC) - they have a person there called an individual Education and Resettlement Officer (IERO) (usually a retired Lt Col) who's job it is to advise on this type of thing.

    If you can think of it, you can probably do a course on it. But the ball is in your court and you might need to dig around a bit to find what you want.
  3. so i notice theres been alot of views on hear, but nobody has anything else to add, any infanteers done any traning that would be useful to take away from the army?
  4. You have'nt stipulated what type of courses you have in mind, prepare to make time off sacrifices,

    Infanteer's have many training opportunites available to them, besides cornercafe has explained it also,

    What kind/type of courses are you after? the common ignorant old wives tale that infantry are unable to gain decent Quals due to lack of trade is quite frankly 19th Century & many on here will argue till their blue in the face that 'Cannon fodders' is a wasted career choice with this attitude

    In simple terms:

    You decide what's available to you (time, commitment etc)
    Visit your AEO with relevent up to date and factual info
    Research what will benefit 'You'
    Look at 'all' options of training short courses, part-time distance learning, learndirect etc

    The system is there, it's up to the Service person to get off their arrse & do the ground work & liase with the correct CoC, many can't be bothered or loose interest when faced obsticles

    From a former Scots Div 'use it or loose it' no excuses, enjoy...
  5. The other question of course is; Forgetting civvy street for the moment, what do you want to do in the army? You seem to have been thrown a bit by the possiblilities opened up by your decent test results- congratulations by the way. Were you originally a commited infantry recruit because you wanted to do that job, or because you thought it was all you were capable of? If the former; then nothing else is really going to do it for you. If the latter; you need to have a long hard think because 'anything you want' in the army is a hell of a broad brush. Just to chuck another spanner in the works have you thought about a commission?
  6. this is exactly the problem! I was commited the the infantry because its what appelled to me the most, but then, people got me thinking about when i leave. What would i do after the army? because im still young i will leave before i retire.
    About a commission thats not somthing that appels to me, im a superviser at a retail company and get stressed out so a manager of a battle feild? I think ill pass that onto somebody better equiped!

    Quite frankly i dont know what type of course i will want to do in a few years time, i just know i will want to do something and as youve said things like learn direct exsist had not thought of that, they seem to do pritty much everything! I know it sounds rediculas but it was pritty much the cannon fodder/meat shiled comment that pushed me into asking about getting qualifications.

    thanks for all of these replys guys they have been VERY helpful!
  7. If I were you in your position I would seriously consider AGC or Royal Sigs, both grant the oppertunity to get lots of quals in different areas which can be used to great effect in post army life.
  8. I'm fully aware that at an early stage of enquiring onto the army the options available (subject to barb score) can be quite daunting,

    Bear in mind courses you may do in service time maybe revised or updated & refreshment & updating these quals will be required, and some as I found while serving in NI weren't civvy equivalent at the time of the course, which the MoD has addressed,

    Also remember that the option to change/transfer arm or branch is also available to you (subject to manning & vacancies) if your first choice army career has changed, but patience is the key here as the CoC process is not quick,

    Time spent in research & preparation of what you plan to do will benefit, keep eyes & ears close to the ground of whatever industry sector your aiming for whilst serving as being in the know with updates is invaluable,

    Lastly good luck, there's no such thing as a daft question/comment just a daft answer...