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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tapx2, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I had thought about training to become an officer when I leave Uni and then join the HAC, but on their website I noticed they say that officers drop rank to join so that made me think manybe it's better if I enlist with HAC as a trooper rather than an officer?

    Therefore I have some questions.

    a. How long does training in the HAC last?

    b. What kind of training is available?

    c. How long after training before I would be sent to serve in Afghanistan
    or Iraq?

    d. Can I specialise in the HAC?

    e. Will I get to learn how to use foreign weapons?

    I know I've asked a lot of questions but I think they are good questions to as before I decide what to do for certain.
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  4. Good questions, sadly I cannot answer them.
    But I fear you may have opened a mahoosive can of worms :D

    What makes you think you will be using foreign weapons?
  5. Look here, if you have nothing sensible to contribute to this thread then don't bother, the questions I've posed are serious because I keep reading all kinds of conflicting information.
  6. Because it would make sense to learn how to use American and weapons like the AK47.
  7. Serious question, why would it make sense?
    The A2, the minimi, GPMG are all good reliable weapons.
  8. How long is a piece of string?

    All kinds of warry stuff, ask about the under water knife fighting course, it’s well worth it.

    In this current political climate no one is sent anywhere, but if you ask to play sand castles you just might be allowed. However if you pass the underwater knife fighting course I mentioned earlier you’ll become indispensable in a desert environment and they’ll be sure to send you… possibly without you even knowing

    Hand jobs And Cum faces? I believe that’s part of selection/

    Who told you ours were bonk? That’s supposed to be classified 8O
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  10. a. Because you might lose your weapon/run out of your own ammunition.

    b. The soiund retort or different weapons are distinctive.

    c. It's good to know other weapons if you train with troops of other
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  12. Mr Happy

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    A. 6 months basic training includes 6 weekends, 9 day camp and every Tuesday night.
    B. what do you want?
    C. If you speak arabic, pretty damn quickly after you've been attested! Going to hot/sandy places would probably depend on what trade you want to go down and if there is a need for that trade when you get there.
    D. in what?
    E. weapons familiarisation courses exist (for the whole army) but there is no formal instruction on a regular basis. AK47's work straight out of the box though!
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