Training in the Glorious Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by George_W_Bush, Mar 27, 2003.

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  1. think training in the Corps is poor?
    think you could do better?
    fancy a job in HQ SOinC(A) directing traing policy for the Corps?
    well i have found the perfect job for you on the MoD jobs website


    best of all they want

    This successful applicant will have the relevant experience and knowledge to place the development and delivery of such policies within a military context. Knowledge or experience of the Royal Signals is essential to ensure that the close links with the corps are maintained. He/she will possess skills in oral and written communication, leadership, understanding and applying information systems, be an excellent motivator and will be able to arbitrate with tact and discretion. He/she must be capable of detailed analytical research and be an articulate and confident briefer to senior officers. Previous experience in MOD or training support appointment is highly desirable.

    think that just about sums up anyone who has served in the Corps for more than 5 minutes!!
    might just apply myself  ;D
  2. Yes, but it also somes up absolutely nobody that is any position of power !!!!!!!!!!

    OOOO, did I just say that outloud ?!?!?! :eek:
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    No doubt we will get some failed rodney filling the post. Making bone decisions as per the norm and satisfying nobody.
  4. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    did think about applying for it myself
    but the thought of having to live and work in Blandford was just too much  ;D
  5. Is there any overtime available? I dont want extra pay, just dont want to break the habit of a lifetime.
  6. A bit of a vague job description, but reading between the lines it would appear that anyone who has served in the signals and is capable of bullsh1tting, has more than a fair chance of obtaining this position!
  7. No thanks.
  8. No thank you chef im full. It all sounds like cake and arse to me. Unfortunatly the army run out of cake in 1942 and we have been on rationed arse ever since.
  9. To cap it all off, the guy who got the job is a retired Gunner! Seems nobody from the Royal Corps was interested - their loss and sombody else's gain.
  10. Which just goes to show how *ucked up the Army is now. We have a Civil Servant, ex mil but no Royal Sigs background formulating the trg for the people who will be the future of the Corps. Great
  11. Actually - I am told that he is doing embarrassingly well and is not required to cover R SIGNALS tech type stuff but driver trg, adventurous training and all arms training (weapons courses etc).
  12. like i'm shocked??
    good luck to the guy
  13. Has anyone heard of a Boot Paint called KPL, KPM er something like that supposed to b the dogs nutz???
  14. random subject change but yeah i have and yeah its the dogs nuts
  15. where can we get it from then