Training in the Cold

This might sound daft, I’ve been training hard for my PFT for mobilisation. I went out after work yesterday and did a practice PFT and id put on over 40 seconds from the previous day. The temperature however was -7 could that have made that much of a difference. I didnt mong it and put in maximum effort.
It might have been the cold plus an 'off day', when you don't perform well for no apparent reason, or start well and then fade quickly or vice versa. You might also have hit a training plateau; have you been following the same training routine for a while? I have to vary mine every 8-10 weeks at most, or I end up doing more and more work for less and less result.

It could be a combo of all of the above - I wouldn't worry unless it happens consistently. If it does, it'll be cancer. Or Ebola.
Have you been practising for the MSFT as well? If your Mob date is imminent, then due to the current weather, you may well do one of these instead of your 2.4km run.

Ive not expirenced any significant loss of time due to running in cold weather, what condition was the road/path surface?
Thanks for that.

The road conditions were exactly the same. It might have been a bad day then, I’m going out again this afternoon. Mob date is the first week in Jan. I know its a bit late now but I’ve been varying my types of training from Cycling 30miles twice a week and runs between 4-5 miles averaging about 9 minute miles, with the MSFT in mind. I was a bit of a fat knacker, but I’ve dropped 10kgs in the last three months of training. I’m in the 40 -45 PFT bracket so I get twelve minutes to do the run. I did it in 11.40 on Sunday (Crap I know ) but it’s a pass,

I’ve got a foot injury and had it for the last 2 weeks but I don’t want to stop training, Ibuprofen is now my friend and helps when I’m running.

I’m now thinking I should have trained to pass the PFT rather than work on all round fitness. My unit wont send anybody if there not up to passing it and deferring them for 6 weeks. On a personal level I have no intention of going to the RTMC failing, then going to my unit as a mong, (If I fit within the at risk guidlines), With the crap time and foot injury im considering sticking my mit up and asking to be deferred, however I’ve never jacked before and always soldiered on.We shall see what happens this afternoon.


It seems that even if you really do warm up properly and I mean this weather its twice your normal, you will still suffer cold flem chest coughing. Back when I was 16 and a Junior the staff idea of warm up was the first half of the BFT. Bastards we always got crap times on phys in winter term!
I remember being a Junior Soldier back in the 80's. Albermarle Bks oh the Joy.

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