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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. I'm wondering what sort of scope is available for training and courses within the TA...

    I do climbing and diving and other stuff, which may look good on a military CV and I've read that there are army courses on such. Also, I would be willing to put time into other types of courses...

    If there is, would I have to complete basic training before I would be eligable for such courses, or could I go on them as soon as I join?
  2. Hi.

    You will have to complete Basic CMS(R) Trg before you can attend such courses. Also some units will not put people on Adventure trg courses. So be prepared for a let down. Ask the unit you are thinking of joining about the courses.
  3. Fair enough I suppose, why wont some units put people on courses?
  4. Some units would rather have their personnel do military courses to qualify them Fit For Role, Than use Man Trg Days (MTD's) on adventure trg courses. Mind you they then moan that there is nobody qualified to conduct Adv Trg. Aint the army great. :roll:
  5. Do military adventure training courses require specific military qualifications? If not, would civilian mountain leading, climbing and diving qualification be of use to me?
  6. No you can use the equivalent civvy qual. If you have your ML summer or your SPA/MIA etc then you can take soldiers walking/cragging for adv trg. Don't know about diving though. Your probably better off joining the ACF as an adult instructor if that is all you are interested in.
  7. A good tip is to get all your Phase 1 and trade training done sharpish, then go for the Adventure Training. If your staff give you grief show them that in the last couple of months you've dont courses to make your self more deployable etc etc and not just bummed around. If you can show them that your also persuing extra mil courses (PTI etc) then it'l make it easyer.

    T C
  8. Training in TA...

    Go on, admit it, this is a Wah isn't it?
  9. Is a wah asking an obvious question, just to get people to answer you?

    Its not. I wanted to know whether climbing and diving would have any applciation in the TA...