Training in Brentford, London

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kellya84, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. I've been advised to find training partners by the AFCO so I thought i'd ask here! Is anyone living near Brentford in london and fancies a bit of joint training?
  2. Dont you have friends that enjoy exercise? real ones not those that you meet on forums?
  3. If your from the Brentford I'm thinking of, in SW London then you should try going to Richmond Park its a good running surface whilst still providing a good cross country track and as its the largest open space in Greater London the path that circles it is 12k's
  4. Mate, you have Gunnersbury park around the corner - or you can run along the river at strand-on-the-green. Get your mp3 player on and train around there. I know Brentford very well (Im from Hounslow)
  5. try running across the main road at gillette corner a couple of times that will get you warmed up..
  6. Armed, i'm the only one of the bunch of scrotes i work with that actually goes outside the door except to get a big mac, the lazy cnuts....

    cheers for the advice i'll take a bimble over to richmond park and see if I can pounce on some unsuspecting runners...for training purposes obviously! :D