training in boots ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by issac, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Is running in boots a good way of improveing speed and endurance or just a quick way of injuring myself ?
  2. Well at least hes strait to the point! lol.
  3. I try. Not really qualfied to waffle on the subject, but that has definately been my experience. I paid heavily for running too much in boots.
  4. If you run in old 1940's diving boots you will get legs of iron
  5. Speed training; try interval training, sprinting shuttles, resistance running, steep inclines.

    Endurance training; Plan a run, complete the run, keep running some more! :lol:

    If you are going to run in boots;

    Make sure;
    they are a good fit
    they are broken in
    they are properly laced up
    you wear decent socks
    you pick somewhere decent to run - flat terrain that you all ready know
    you get used to running in boots before you add weight
    you start gradually - don't over do it

    Decent tunes to keep you going too.
  6. When you do your CFT, it'll be in boots. When you do the NCO cadre at sennybridge, it'll be in boots. When you go on ops, it'll be in boots. Thus, it's probably a good idea to be able to run, fight and take a sh*t wearing boots, otherwise you'll be fcuked come the day, because boots are different from trainers; they are heavier and harder on the muscles. Whether you'll injure yourself depends upon the boot (Magnums = cripple) and the ground and whether you warm up enough etc. Bear in mind that if you barely pass a fitness test in trainers, you will probably fail in boots, so you need to have practice in both.

    I can't think of many better ways of breaking the boots in than running in them though. Just don't use the nicely-bulled parade boots, and invest in some sorbothane insoles to protect your joints.
  7. Should be ok with the right kind of boots, as long as you don't overdo it
  8. Ask your unit PTI mate, its ok if you build up propertly, wear good boots and dont FFS over do it on concrete. Issue boots arent the most shock absorbent things...

    It is very easy to get it wrong.

    As an aside, didnt the APTC ban boot running without weight for just that reason?
  9. I think the problem is people wearing old/cheap boots and issued boots being crap. And the Army loves enforcing the "issued only" policy whenever they can help it!
  10. Issue boots with sorbos, practice tabbing/ speed walking in them and see how they feel and adjust accordingly, you may/should find they are tight on your shins and give you discomfort, once you learnt how to wear them to your fitting do a steady 1.5 in them and build up using common sense.
  11. if you get yourself a decent pair of boots ie lowa seekers, adidas GSG9s, bates, 5.11, Blackhawk! then you shouldnt feel much difference between running in boots and trainers other than your feet sweat more. i wear my lowa seekers for boot runs/tabs in pt and dont tell a difference between em and trainers
  12. Are you allowed to take your own boots in? Or do they make you use issue boots? I'd like to get me some GSG9s, But there's no point if I won't be able to use them.
  13. or many better ways to turn you feet into one big blister.

    issue boots are quite nasty and if they arent broken in they will rub in so many places, and even if they are broken in, they will probably still rub, just a bit less.
  14. Its a good way of injuring yourself, the aisles are far too narrow and the store detectives trip you up at intersections. Try Waitrose instead.