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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jewel, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. I've recently been issued with my boots to break in before I start training.

    I've soaked them, poliched them, walked around in them, and taking them for a couple of jaunts on the hills.

    Forget breaking in the boots - they're breaking in my feet! I'm sure that's normal but before I start trying to run in them, I've been thinking of getting a pair of insoles: does anyone have any personal experience of Sorbothane VS Superfeet?

    Any advice would be appreciated,
  2. Sorbothane were perfect for me, and helped reduced shin pain significantly.
  3. Sorbothane are probably the most popular of the two. Its really depends on your foot type and gait analisys etc.

    I personally use SOLE Ultra Insoles. You put them in the oven, heat them up, pop them in your boots and step into them. A couple of mins later you have custom insoles moulded to the shape of your feet.
    A great bit of kit.

  4. Grab hold of each boot in turn and literally twist and fold each boot. Boots always develop natural crease's, by doing this when the boot is new helps to break it in. Don't forget to wear your thick socks!
  5. what ever happen to pissing in the boots?

    soak them then walk in them! whilst there still soaked!

    I personally use Sorbothane and never had any problems in hot or cold places they normally last a year or so before i have to replace them, you can get them issued as well so dont pay £20 or what ever they retail for!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Issued boots before you start training? Really?
  7. Yep, top top piece of kit, well worth the cash. Not sure how much they are, I was lucky enough to be given a set.
  8. Or try taking the insoles out of your old civvy trainers and slip them in. Works for me.
  9. Ocdt's are issued boots prior to starting at RMAS.
  10. I used to stick mine in a bath full of water for an hour or so, then put them on (whilst full of water), did the laces up as tight as possible/bearable and then go for a long walk...worked great. never pissed on them...except when I missed the tyre.
  11. Who issued you the boots? Are you training for TA?
  12. am due to start at RMAS in January and have just received the joining instructions, which include a kit list.

    Might be a clue :)
  13. Fuck me! Scarletto an officer! RMAS dropped their standards then? :D
  14. Ummm no :D I was referring to the op, however thanks for spotting the latent talent i have, if about 400 years out of date.
  15. the new boots require almost no breaking in at all...if they're hurting your little tootsies then you just need to HTFU...get out there wearing them at every opportunity...
    ...wait 'til you start square bashing in your burnt down george boots / brown spacca shoes....