training frequency for beginners

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tpr_trinny, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. wondering if anyone can help me, I have 4 months to get uber fit for my CMSR but i really struggle with fitness, sometimes I go at it hell for leather and seem to burn out and miss weeks.

    Currently i'm doing around 2 sessions of circuit training a week and one hockey training session, i need to get out and run also but I'm worried if I do too much too soon I'll end up injuring myself.

    Also if your muscles are really burning from the day befores exercise is it wise to carry on the next day or rest them? I'm so confused!!!!
  2. This burning sensation is known as DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) - google it
    this caused my microtears in the muscles that have been trained due to physical exertion (running,weight training etc).

    It is best NOT to train a muscle that is sore from a previous days exercise, an increased protein and mineral intake with rest is what you want to be doing.

    In regards to your training, although you enjoy playing hockey it isnt really specific preparation for the army is it? if you feel good for it then carry on with it. but, you may need to prioritise i.e drop hockey training and replace it with a run, press-ups,sit-ups, pull-ups session instead.

    You are only going to 'injure' yourself doing something stupid, going out for runs in my opinion shouldnt result in injury.

    If you feel that you are 'burning out' i would seriously address your diet and rest patterns.

    Hope that helps
  3. Thats great thanks for the advice, the hockey I do because it's about the only form of phys I enjoy so it gives me the motivation to get out there and get sweaty for an hour.

    I'll definately be incorporating more running and press ups/sit ups into my programme.
  4. Hey you alright mate. i hear you say that you do hockey as part of ya exercise. I too play hockey (well just been playing for 6 months) before that i used to play rugby. I can say that hockey doesn't really help you upper body or your core. However it does improve your running. With short sprints etc... You want to start working on your upper body and your core. Your upper body is your; Chest, Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms and Fore Arms. Your Core is your abs. Go and sign up to your local gym and there should be people who are qaulified to help you in these region. Also carry on runing. What ever you do don't drop hockey. for two reasons.

    1)Its is a qualitiy game, not as good as rugby, but nothing can be perfect.
    2)Its a team sport and it shows that you are and can be a team player

    i hope this has been helpful

    and remember "A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood!"
  5. mate its all normal hense the massive army saying "NO PAIN, NO GAIN"
    keep at it and grit ya teeth
  6. i got a pretty decent looking booklet/poster thingy from the AFCO today, gives you a good idea of what you should aim for, i think.
  7. Get fit to play sport, Not play sport to get fit!

    You have to structure your PT programme for what you want to acheive.

    What exactly is it you want to achieve?
  8. basically I want to improve my bpfa run times, slim down a bit and improve overall body tone and endurance! Circuit training is helping but is it a good idea to run the next day when everything is aching or should I be doing a one day on one day off program? (Even though two days later I still ache!)
  9. Tabata. Google it.
    Amusing overview and example here

    It's outrageous , and you feel your heart is going to explode the first few times, but the improvements are absolutely dramatic.

    I noticed a substantial change after 3 days.

    My personal favourite adaptation is an explosive 400m at maximum chat, repeat 5 times , or as far as you can.

    Suits me far more than running for long distances which I absolutely f*****g hate.
  10. Why don't you get a zimmer frame with wheels?

    Alternatively tpr,

    Get yourself out on a bike and go for a long ride-that's one very good way of increasing your VO2 Max.
  11. Therefore you need to structure your fitness programme to suit this. Your aching is normal. It is quite normal to be hurting more, 2 days after training if your body isnt used to the physical activity its being asked to do. If you are really unsure seek medical advice.

    To improve your PFA time and slim down a bit you will have to vary your running. You will also need to balance your diet and eat healthy... Click here

    Running at about 70 - 80% of your max heart rate for a prolonged period (about an hour) will help greatly with weight loss.

    You will also need to incorporate some Interval training (EG. 1 x 400m rep best effort, then rest for the same amount of time it took you do your your effort repeat 5 times and increase as your endurance does)...Click Me

    You can also introduce some Fartlek Training into your distance runs when you become a little fitter...Click again

    To Improve body shape or tone you will need to be doing weights, circuit training. Good rule when it comes to weight training is: High Weight Low Rep, improves Muscle Mass (Bulks you up).. Low Weight High Rep is what you need, which improves Body/Muscle shape (Tones your Body)..If you couple these exercises...Last Click with some of your own body resistance exercises (Eg Press Ups, Pull Ups, Dips, Tricep dips etc etc) you will get the desired results...

    So lets say....

    Monday - Distance Run
    Tuesday - Gym/Weights
    Wednesday - Interval Training
    Thursday - Circuit Training
    Friday - Distance Run with Fartlek
    Saturday - Rest
    Sunday - Slow Jog Half the distance of your Monday run..

    You will need to be sticking to your regime rigidly for a period of about 4 weeks before you start to see results and dont forget to eat sensibly..
    Increase your reps on everything when your body becomes used to the torture..enjoy...

    Just for your info, I losy my connection whilst typing this and lost the lot this is now my second attempt. So if you even think about deviating from the plan fatty Im gonna beat you good looking...
  12. Great Advice for Anyone