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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jeff_leopard, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm due to start recruit training in early September and I was looking for a bit of advice regarding training routines etc. I'm currently doing the same routine that I did to pass P.R.M.C and if I'm being honest, it's got a bit stale and my progress is starting to plateau.

    Current training:

    Monday: Am- 30 min best effort run
    Pm - Pull ups, dips, press ups etc.
    Tuesday:Am - Swimming
    Pm - Circuit class.
    Wednesday: Intervals on the track or occasionally a fartlek style run.
    Thursday: Am - Weight Circuits (minimal rest between exercises)
    Pm - Swimming
    Friday: Am - 45 min run normal pace.
    Pm - 30 - 45 mins on Rowing machine.
    Saturday: off
    Sunday: 90 min ish easy run

    I would appreciate some suggestions to help me shake it up a bit - anything specific to Royal Marine training or increasing raw strength (My main weak point) would be especially welcome.

  2. Rum Ration is ->

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  3. Go to the Rum Ration and ask for more detailed answers.
  4. Fighting Fit by Adrian Weale has a training program focused on passing the AACC. Its a great book and although I haven't tried the AACC program, the basic program really helped me improve my fitness (a lot).

    Its only a fiver on amazon, I recommend it highly as will others no doubt.

  5. A good book. But, I advise you to research training as much as possible. Work out your strengths and weakness and make your own program. That way you will improve alot more.
  6. Cheers. I've been doing a bastardised version of the fighting fit programme - it's got me to a decent level of fitness, but just fancied switching it up a bit.

    Looks like I'll give rumration a try.