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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wall_2, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. hi

    im really interested in trying for Pcoy within the next year or so, i run a solid 9.30 pft and never struggle on press ups and sit ups, don't struggle with tabs or long runs but i would like to get really fit so my chances are better.

    im 24 and a installation technician in the signals.

    if anyone has any training tips i would be really grateful

    cheers sam
  2. You are already in the army,,,,,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,want,,,,,,to,,,,,,,,,,,,,know,,,,,,,,,,how,,,,,,to get fitter.

    You have to shave your eyesbrows off and tug yourself off around the room to Agadoo!

    Or maybe not.
  3. I cant be arsed deleting my last, the heavier weight you can carry, over a long distance, the fitter you will be, repeating this exercise for whatever you are good at does work.

    You can do PFT in 9.30. do it carry 10lbs extra and get down to 9.30

    Job done, do it carrying 25lbs Im my opinion job jobbed
  4. Carry the immense weight of a fat brattie forefinger to the search button, and crack on. FFS.
  5. Eat well - this sounds obvious but by week 2 or so it takes great deal of self discipline to make yourself scoff a full fry at 0600 - every day. Miss a meal and you can run out of steam later that day. It is fuel not food. Same goes for brews - every single opportunity and in the evenings - get rehydrated.
    Understand that no one is ever fit enough in the end. Para/Marines/SF cses are designed to take you beyond yr individ fitness level so they can see how you tick. So be prepared for that. If you're a whippit they will only beast you more.
    Don't listen to nonsense about carrying 40lbs around for months beforehand. Intersperse yr road running fitness with good long and fast walks - over hills if possible. These are speed marches not SAS style tabs over the Beacons however. No more than around 30 odd lbs.
    Attitude is crucial; contrary to myth they are not looking for supermen. A good fit guy who is mentally prepared and in good Army shape shld pass. Some basics; they like humour under pressure; they don't like back chat; they savage people who offer excuses for lateness, sore feet, gut ache etc..
    P Coy itself; some exeercises are team oriented. People are failed because they are identified as easily able themselves (ie they get a pass) but had offered no help to those around them who were hurting. If you screw up on an individ test, you must put it behind you and prepare for the next one. It is very rare that anyone is failed for one f...k up.
    Lastly a lot of psychology is in the air about P Coy; ignore it an don't let it get on top of you; listen carefully to what you are required to do and then do it - don't read anything more into it than that.
  6. hey thanks for the info and advice, i will start looking in to fitting it in to my training.

    big thanks sam
  7. thanks for the advice, my fat brattie forefinger found this post button.

    big thanks sam