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I am currently training for selection for the parachute regiment. I have been told that if you can lift more than 116kg you can do the run in 9min 40 but if you cant lift that much you must run the 1.5 miles in 9 min 18.

could previous people who have done selection for para please let me know if this is accurate and if the 116kg is a bench press or a dead lift as 116kg is quite a lot really.

having watched the MOD video on para the guys on there didnt look like they could lift near 116kg.

I can currently run the 1.5 miles in about 8.45-9min but im improving all the time. Its just the 116kg that has shocked me as although im strong im not that strong yet!!!

any advice on para selection criteria etc would be great.
I think the lift is one of those electronic machines you use in the pyshical(sp). The part where you lift a weight that electronically gages how much force in kg's you have moved or something. I'm goin into the paras in August and I ran 9:12 but was told I had made the lift aswell and I'm a slight built guy so It cant be that hard
I have NEVER heard of a machine that can accurately measure run times simply by measuring lift capacity. This can't be real surely?!

I am 13st and can deadlift around 300lb (136kg). My run time in trainers is 9 min 10 and in boots is 10 min 15.

The EdO here is 12st, can deadlift far less than that (around 200lb) and has a run time of 7 min 15 in trainers!

Surely changing the run time based on the amount you can lift is dubious?
nomadcelt said:
Surely changing the run time based on the amount you can lift is dubious?
Sounds pretty weird right enough. Although if its true, a 100 kilo deadlift is not that hard at all however 100kg bench press will be pretty tough.. I cant imagine this is true though.. anyone know for sure?

Does sound a bit wierd, sure main thing to worry about is the mile and half time could really do with being under 9 minutes and that after a nice 6 mile warm up!!! good luck though,
No, guys, that's not what's being said here!

What davethomson is saying is that if you can lift 116kg+ then your run time when you run a mile and a half is allowed to be a bit slower than if you can't lift 116kg.

At selection, their is no machine to measure run time via weight ability. The electronic machine being referred to here is one which you stand over and use all your strength to pull on handles similar to that on a rowing machine - this then measures the amount of force your exerting. It's the equivalent of a dead lift whilst standing, but electronic.

Alles Klar? :thumright:

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