Training for long distances

I want to do a 100k/24hr challenge in June of next year, so I've got plenty of time to get ready, and the night phase should be as short as possible. Can anyone suggest suitable footwear? The going will be roads and paths, not too hilly, so I guess boots rather than trainers, but which gucci style??

Also, what snacks do people prefer when they're doing a long tab? I like dried apricots (don't melt or break, and give a nice slow sugar release), but is there something better available?
There are many good books out there at the moment covering ultra distance stuff. I would suggest you invest in one. With regards to nutrition you may wish to consider gels as they go down easy unlike energy bars (Powerbars and the like)which can be hard to get down when breathing out of your arse.
But not everyone reacts well to the gels, as I discovered! You should trial them beforehand, you may find they make your stomach go a little upset...

And as far as running in boots is concerned, plenty of advice on this site showing that if you're doing running sticking with a good pair of trainers is the best bet.

If you're not sure about your current running shoes, get down to a professional sports shop and get your gait etc. assessed so they can select a proper shoe for you.
Good advice prom The Goon as I have had fedback form some peeople that it makes them throw up! As always, train with something and see if it works. Do not try something new on race day. Also the advice on boots is spot on. Get a good pair of trainers.
The idea of using boots was to give my weakish ankles more support, but it may well be that running shoes with a slip-on ankle support would do the job better; thanks for the tips.

I'll try the gels when I get the chance.
Not everything, not by a long shot, but considering my current level of physical training and the advice I've sought and been given, I feel I'm more than capable to comment on this particular issue.

Regarding the gels, the reason I know about them is my friend ran the Everest marathon recently for charity in Nepal, and he wanted to use the gels for the same reasons, but he found they caused him to lose bowel control rapidly. I then tried them on one of my runs and experienced the same.
Goon - are you sure it was the Gels and not just Nepal that gave him a lose bowel. A did a similar route and had plenty of tummy problems without gel. Interested as I was thinking of trying them.
He was fine in Nepal; He didn't use the gels there. He tried them in his UK training and found out they were not to his liking.

Gels do work, and work well, for those who don't get sudden bowel movements once taken. By all means try them when you're out for a run, but be aware of the possibility of loosened bowels.
I used gels a while back on a mil skills competion that involved 75k of tabbing over two days, thought they were excellant. I think they were called Pro-gel and may only be availble form America as I got them from a PX. I found that within a few minutes of taking them you really perk up.
As for trainers, have a look at something along the lines of the off road type ones that you see fell runners wearing, most of the big running shoe brands produce them at the minute.

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