Training for loaded carry; best method?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Wondering if its best to train for eg. CFT by putting weight into a daysac and pounding away, or by standard runs in PT kit, or a mix?

    And my PTI PSI is on adventure trg, so I can't ask him!


  2. I'm surprised you're asking after you've been doing it for so long. If you're finding that your oft used technique isn't working any more, it may be down to something as simple as old age. :wink:

    I remember the days when I had to do a CFT. I didn't actually train for it, I just put my head down, kept in step and plodded on to the finish. Having said that, for most of my working life, I've been carrying a daysack that varies in weight from 5kg to 30kg and dragged it around the world, up ladders, up 30 floors worth of stairs etc. The all up weight of my trousers is in the region of 5kg by the time they're loaded with the tools of my trade. Based on that, I'd say just get used to carrying weight all the time, then when it comes to the CFT, it's not the weight that's the issue, just the speed.
  3. Stop being so concerned, it's just walking. Stick a20kg bag of sand (£4 from B&Q) and a Camelbak in a and take the dog for a walk.

    Do it regularly and you'll progress without thinking.
  4. I have the joy of OFT 6 to come; 30 kg, 12.4 miles, <3.5 hours then next day, 20 kg, 12.4 miles, <3 hours.

    This is towards the "sweaty, ouch" end of a walk in the park and so I'd like to train properly for it.

    I'm already using a 25kg sack of gravel in a daysac, Dingerr.
  5. Did this last year with the rest of the Bn. I would be very careful training for this event in an unstructured way. If you can still do a 8 miler comfortably then this should not be too difficult for you - just another boring 4 miles to do.

    Just on a side note, those that flaked it in our mob were those that had freaked themselves out about it beforehand and had either (i) tried to train for it by themselves and injuried themselves through a strain or overuse (ii) Psyched themselves out on the start line that the addition of and extra 4 miles was somehow beyond them!!

    My advice is, if you can comfortably complete an 8 miler just turn up and do it, if you cannot comfortably complete an 8 miler - ACFT 2 is the least of your problems.

    Good luck
  6. Hence the thread! Good points, thanks
  7. So you have your name down for a tour now then, I hope we can expect regular updates on every single part of your PDT no matter how trivial.

    I would also like it if having completed said tour you could harp on about it forever more.

    Thanks, in anticipation.
  8. Hence the thread! Good points, thanks..

    Dunno why you think *I'm* doing a tour; those files don't get into alpha order by themselves you know.
  9. By coinvidence, a PTI mate of mine phoned me and I asked him the Q raised above - best is to put weight into a daysac and tab, in large part because the muscles used differ from normal running.

    Think I'll drive the Jack Wagon on the next OFT, much less preparation required.
  10. And build it up slowly,the programme I'm following has the same weight/distance for two tabs then increase the distance by2km for two then increase the weight by 2kg and so on.

    e.g. 8Km in1hr 15 carrying 12Kg for two tabs then 10Km in 1hr 30 carrying 12Kg for two then 12Km in 1hr 45 carrying 12Kg and so on.....
  11. My training involved 18 pints a night and a good punch up every Friday and Saturday night, it worked for me.
  12. Just to elaborate my last.........from the RRU PTIs start at a weight/distance is comfortable for you, in essence it's a remedial programme but handy none the less.

    Week Carrying Distance/Time Weight (for Arm) Times per week
    1 PLCE 5Km/45min 5Kg 2
    2 Bergan/PLCE 5Km/45min 8Kg 2
    3 Bergan/PLCE 8Km/1Hr 15 10Kg (inf) 8-9Kg 2
    4 Bergan/PLCE 8Km/1Hr 15 12Kg/9-10Kg 2
    5 Bergan/PLCE 8Km/1Hr 15 15Kg/10-12Kg 2
    6 Bergan/PLCE 10Km/1Hr 30 15Kg/10-12Kg 2
    7 Bergan/PLCE 12Km/1Hr 45 15Kg/10-12Kg 2
    8 Bergan/PLCE 10Km/1Hr 30 18Kg/12-15Kg 1
    9 Bergan/PLCE 12Km/1Hr 45 20Kg/13-17Kg 1
    10 Bergan/PLCE 12.8Km/1Hr 55 23Kg/14-18Kg 1
    11 Bergan/PLCE 12Km/1Hr 45 25Kg/15-20Kg 1
    12 As per Test 12.8Km/1Hr 55 25Kg/15-20Kg 1

    Test Weight:
    25Kg – Inf, REME attached Inf, RLC(Pioneers)
    20Kg – Hcav, RAC, RA, RE
    15Kg – R Sigs, AAC, RLC, RAMC, REME, AGC, Int , QARANC

    HTH anyone interested

    bugger, the tabs didn't work!
  13. Good man, useful stuff.