Training for endurance but need speed too

I'm currently doing plenty of booted and weighted tabs plus middle to long distance running at 80 to 88% HR Max. My previous best time for the 1.5 miles (2.4K) was 9.25 but has slipped to 9.45 - 9.55 of late. I am now focussed on getting into the 300 club which means getting that time down to 9.15 or less for my age (43).

Only problem is, I don't really want to drop my endurance training for the sheer ego of a little more speed. SO, can/ should I
a) I combine Interval/ fartlek training with endurance or;
b) how long should it take me to get to the required time if I focus exclusively on speed work and will it affect my endurance ability in a significant way (I have good endurance ability and can afford to lose between 5 to 10% on my current CFT training times if need be)
Thanks in advance :)
oldcolt - You don't need to sacrifice your endurance to be able to drop your time down for short distance.

I run up to ultra marathon distance with plenty of endurane training in my routine but last BFT still ran in 7.45.

My training consists of speed work twice a week. For example a tuesday and thursday 25 - 30 minute tempo run as one session and a track session as my 2nd. The track session also lasting no more than 30 mins of hard work on repetitions with either a slow jog as rest or a standing 60 second rest. These are nice and easy to fit in during the week. for rep work you dont necessarily need a track as long as you have markers to time yourself between (lamposts, laps of a football pitch etc etc)

other weekdays I tend not to run huge distances but get in a run of between 10k - 20k and also get in a good cycle not too concerned on distance but i try to get out for about 90 mins. This is good as it is less impact and strengthens quads which helps prevent knee injury when running a lot.

I then use the weekends to get in the real endurance runs. Aiming for around 30k - 40k.

Don't avoid the rest either!

Hopefully that is of some use to you.
Facing a similar problem here. I've taken to doing speed work twice a week, concentrating on intervals at a pace 5% faster than my required time (8:30 for me) and a total distance of 4 - 5km, and intervals from 400m to 1km. Make sure your rest is nice and short (I work on 30 secs for 400m, adding 15 secs for every 200m increase), and gut through the need to puke!

I add in one tempo run, generally 3 - 4 km at a pace 5% slower than necessary, and one long, slow run (upto 18 miles, but in trainers and cross-country), and a pace that has a PE of 4-5 (i.e. can maintain a conversation).

I know it sounds chad, but has some good programmes for getting the other two parts of our PFT up to the required standard.
Thanks gents, I'll look into that, My only worry is of over-training as I am currently using the online RM workout tool and doing pretty intense circuits 3 - 4 times a week (5 if my TAC throws one in as well on a Tuesday night)

Current regime is as follows: (constructive criticism appreciated)

3-4 times a week: Circuits at the gym (everything from high rep bench jumps, weighted squats and lunges to pull ups, press ups and loads of core work - circa 1hr max)

Runs 3-4 times a week:
Running club usually hilly 6 or 7 miler (trainers) Av. 80 to 88% max HR
3 mile booted run - mainly flat; cheeky hill at the end - Av. 85 to 95% max HR
5 mile very hilly run - trainers Av 80 to 90 max HR
8 mile weighted and booted yomp - 25KG - 1hr 45 ish undulating course

I try to build two rest days in a week - middle and end.
Are you going for AACC? If so, I'd drop either the circuits or online RM tool. I presume your unit has a "beat-up" for the Reserves AACC? If not, I suggest you bin enough to ensure that you can take part in your local RMR unit's Tues evening phys. Bottom Field fitness is fairly specific, and you need to make sure that you can do the equipment/rope techniques in your sleep, or more importantly when you are hanging out with all your kit + rifle on your back...

PM if you want to discuss off-line.
Not been put down for AACC (R) but driving everyone in authority nuts about getting on it before I deploy next year if poss and want to make sure I'm match fit if I get a last minute cancellation.

Rope work is a bugger as the nearest place I can train on this is 1.5 hours away :cry:

In the meantime, I've put my name down for the Cambrian Patrol and would like to make the 300 club ASAP come what may (not sure whether it's mid life crisis, personal pride, pure stupidity or a combination of the previous before anyone comments :lol: )

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