training for an ultrathon

Next year I'm attempting my first ultrathon.It's a 65miler.You have the choice of doing it over 2days or going for it and doing it in a 'oner'.
I'm opting for the 2day option.I was wondering if anyone on here had any training progammes I could follow.
Done marathons,half marathons,Fandance,triathlons ect but nothing close to this distance.I would say Im a seasoned runner.
No mate, looked at it but I'm doing the Lakeland 50 a few weeks after it.
I reckon you could do it in a oner as it's not that hilly compared to the lunacy we're doing especially if you're clocking those hours up in training.
I met a lad on the Fandance and he's doing the 100.
What sort of training are you doing.
Talked to one lad and he said just keep increasing the miles and in some ways it's easier than training for marathons ect because you don't do any speed work,fartleks ect.
I did the 50 this year and Sneak did the 100. I clocked 14 hours and he did about 28 I think......50 has 11000ft of ascent and the 100 has 24000.
It was my first one and I don't think I prepared enough as I think I can go faster hence I've entered it again for next year. All I did was my normal mileage around Aldershot then took off myself off to the Brecon Beacons a few times and did a couple of 25-30 milers there and went up to the Lakes to recce the last 16 miles of the route. Felt fine at the end of the race and no hassles with my legs and no blisters, just lucky I guess.

This year I'll do a few longer runs around the 40 mile mark I think and do some more big hills in Brecon, as you say speed work etc isn't really issue unless you're out to win it....the winner of the 50 did 8:18!!

I'll start my training for it again around the March time...race is end of July. I got the bug big time for Ultras after last year!
If you are already doing 4/5 hour long runs then there is no real need to increase that to cover 65 miles. Training for the 100 the longest training I did was 6 hours. I put in back to back long runs at weekends (sometimes only 2 hours each), but I also didn't neglect the speed work (short intervals on track, long intervals on road or trail and hill reps). I still ran an ok marathon on the back of my ultra training. If you can find a couple of races to do before that may help 30 - 40 miles.

I would do it in one day as well, just keep the pace steady and concentrate on getting food and drink on board throughout to save firefighting 30 miles in. If you do it over 2 days then for 30 miles I would survive on just gels and drinks (also maybe some jelly babies!). Doing half the distance at a time then you will run harder so have a good recovery over night. Get stretched, showered etc straight away, eat and drink well and then rest. If you can get your legs into some cold water then do that!

Happy to share my training plan for ideas if you drop me a PM.

JD - The BGR will have to wait for a while but will be attempting it when I get time! I have a busy 12 months planned already.

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