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I've applied to do the London Marathon next year, and was wondering if there was any specific way of training for a marathon besides proggresively longer runs. Currently I do an average of five miles a night mon - fri with weekends off, sometimes however i'll do just 3 miles at speed (1.5 to and from my front door), other nights i'll do a 7 mile course, lots of hills thrown in. The 7 miler is the longest run i've done, I find i'm more suited to endurance than speed, so if any endurance runners can pass on any tips, how to train, what to eat, when to start training for the marathon, anything, please let us know as i'm re applying for the Army in May so really want to get the marathon under my belt before that, preferably with both knees intact and still alive.

Cheers chaps.


increase your distances progressively. find a route that is close to 26 miles and pace yourself over it just so you get the understanding of what running for about 4-5 hours is like.

maintain your overall fitness with doing the running you are following, but build the distances up. aim for about 20 on saturday and about 10-12 on sundays. taking rest days is important as well

i did a one last year in denmark after being 'volunteered' :lol: for it and managed 4:57, but i hadn't trained for it, and when it's pride at stake fitness doesn't come into it.

for marathon-type distances it's more about endurance and stopping yourself getting bored mentally(an mp3 player and loads of good tunes did it for me)
The application form is in the "Marathon News" magazine available from all good running shops and JJB sports foot locker etc

Running a marathon is hard, so is the training and so is getting into the London Marathon, there are many more marathons however they don't all get the same coverage as the FLM.

I did the FLM last year, hardest part was training 5 days a week and thats after been used to running 3/4 times a week

Any questions I'll be happy to answer them


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It's in a free magazine called Marathon World which you can pick up at pretty much any sports shop. By sports shop they include JD and JJB type places. On there is a 'Find A Store' facility where you enter your postcode and a list of stores which stock the magazine are shown. On wednesday when I looked at it it didn't work until about 13:00.

If you apply and get a place, let us know.

Edited to say: Polar's right, it's Marathon News, not Marathon World.

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