Training film Titles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarryPalmer, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. The Sperminator
    Schindler's Fist
    Good Will Humping
    Flesh Gordon
    The Cnut of Monte Cristo
    Shaving Ryan's Privates
    Womb Raider
    A Womb With a View
    Dick Tracy
    The Black Hole
    Lawrence of a Labia
    James Bondage
  2. Shouldn't you be called HairyPalmer with a selection like that? :D
  3. Anal-ise That
  4. Shags of our Fathers?
  5. crouching woman, hidden cucumber
  6. damn. I feel so cheated.
  7. There's Something about Mary's Ass
    Lord of the (Rusty) Rings
    Band of Muffers

    .. Ok I made those last two up.
  8. Debbie does Dallas.
  9. THe Porn Identity,
  10. The Wife of Bryan
  11. Star Whores
  12. The Odd angry Cock
  13. Meet the F*ckers
  14. Bravearrse