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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. At the mo we have no PSI so does anyone know the dates for the following courses in either 42 Bde or 15 Bde
    CBRN operators
    Range Coach

    jase :thumright:
  2. The PSI would get his info from the course book, there should be one held at regy hq or by your PSAO.

    Try there , ...good luck
  3. Has anyone ever actually seen one of these holy tomes?
  4. There are books with reams and reams of courses in - although from my upside down 5 second glance at one, I concluded you probably needed a degree in code-breaking to actually ellicit anything useful and relevant.

    Much simpler, however, are the course calendars that some RTCs produce, which highlight dates and prerequisites amongst other things. These are usually held (but not necessarily) by a few personalities in the unit, or at least this was the case with my last unit. I know that London District RTC advertise their calendar on their webpage, as does the school of PT.

    The fact that your unit hasn't got a PSI shouldn't mean your training stops - any SNCO charged with handling careers, your SgtMajor, and possibly even your Platoon/Tp Cmdr are likely candidates to have one of these mini-booklets (I think). Remember the chain of command when asking.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It is not as simple as a degree. You actually need to have attended the "course book decryption course (basic)(TA)". I never managed to find out how to book myself on it as I could never find it in the courses book!

    Serious note: CBRN Op and CMCQ are taught by RTCs, your Coy 2IC, Pl Comd and PSAO should all be able to lay their hands on a copy of the programme and course bid proforma. The bid is just a simple form to be faxed to them.

    If push comes to shove you can probably find their details on the internet and call the booking clerk to find out dates/availability. Just remember to go through your CofC to arrange the booking, and to get approval for your MTDs.

  6. Or the Sqns Yeoman of Signals or one from another sqn (or their PSI), if yours doesn't have one.

    jase, I've tried ArmyNet, 42 Bde's site doesn't even warrant the term site and 15 Bdes is 2 years out of date.

    p.s. What about your other location, surely they put people onto courses?