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Finally, after considerable amount of effort, the new training programme for 2007-2008 has been released on the web site.

There are various down loads availible including a course booklet, an at-a-glance calendar together with a more detaield version.

I hope this is of use, and please contact me if you have a query. Our couses are open to both regulars and reservists.



link doesn't work jen


I think the DIT course at the LDRTC is great. The instructors are proffessional and really know their stuff. The course puts you under pressure and is quite a challenge. Most of all it's very enjoyable. I now feel more confident and do a lot of instructing at my unit. As a result of the course I also do instructional stuff in my civvie job.
Handy link. Shame all the RTCs don't have similiar. Can I ask three questions?

1) Can someone from a different brigade to training with you guys. It's easier for me to get to London than it is to my RTC.

2) What's the Command Post skills course all about? What's the minimum rank, etc?

3) Is there still a need for Equipment recognition instructors? Again, what's the pre-requisite, minimum rank, etc?




We will accept bids from anyone wishing to do a course with us, be aware we run our training out of Longmoor in Hampshire.


Thank youall for the complements about the Website, much appreciated.

Stabtiffy, we will accept, as Redcap says soldiers from who ever, if there are vacancies on our courses.

As to the inforamtion you require, most of it is on the website. If a course doesnot specify a minimum rank, then there is no minimum rank :)

The information regarding the course in question can be found on the website here

Please get back to me if youhave any further unanswered questions


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