Training before tour?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SWJ.303, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    Im currently in the process of joining 1 merican. I have ADSC coming up and wanted to ask something as you my know they are on tour (Herrick 17 i think) would i join them their after passing basic? I know you have to do further training before deployment etc but what would happen to new recruits if the regiment is on tour? Do you join them or just stay at catterick.

    I know it sounds a bone question and this is arrse so i expect some useful "enlightment"


  2. I'm sorry, kidda, you'll just be thrown your 'shooter' and directed to the front line.

    Cutbacks! ;-)
  3. If the Bn is already deployed you'll go on rear party, then they'll decide who goes out and when, before you deploy you'll need to do more training.
  4. Ok thanks so in a nutshell i will be going but not patrolling etc or am i getting confused? thank for the reply
  5. If you deploy you'll go where you're needed which would most likely be a Rifle Company. rear Party is in the UK so you could end up not deploying.
  6. Ok thanks for that mate. Only asking as ive heard we are pulling out combat troops so this may be the last time i would get an opportunity to go on tour.
  7. Thought i'd ask in here instead of a new thread, Im looking at joining 1 mercian do i get a choice in which mercian battalion i go in?
  8. Hi mate,

    im in the same boat as you, i start training on 27th May, hoping to join 1 mercian. Like you i want to get on herrick 17, just hope i do get 1 mercian and don't have to stay in rear party for the whole tour.