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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JayJ, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. just over 3 months untill i go to basic training, now ive had my fun, time to get serious, What kind of training before basic training would you call acceptable, im about to quick smoking aswell, but im also about to start training, the only place i know where to start is running, which i will run a couple of miles 5 days a week, but i mean, press ups, pull ups, what other things can i do around the house and how many (give me a number) without any training or excersize material, all i have is a chin up bar.

    i past all the excersizes in selection without much problem, but i still have a bit of a belly, my 1.5mile run was 10:30.

    every time i start training like i did before selection i allways end up going say, ok lets do 20 push ups (for example) then i always think, was that enough ?, then i do 60 odd sit ups and think the same, do i do them straight after each other ?, ive never been to a gym or anything so im allways questioning myself when i train,

    anyone doing training now ready for basic, it would be nice to know what you do

  2. I currently do 30 pressups and 60 situps every day as my upper body strength is poor atm. Im gonna keep increasing the amount every few days/every week. I swim 3 times a week for CV fitness and i run when i can. need to really reduce my 1.5mile time tho :(

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  3. Just get your time down for the 1.5 if you can, basic will soon blow the cobwebs away anyway.

    Always best to have a bit in the tanks for when you start, so if you can get it around 9:30 then you will find the fitness a lot easier.

    Dont forget, when you actually start, you will have the correct(ish) diet and training given all the way, so you will only improve regardless.

    Unless you are going into the RLC, then I would suggest eating as many kebabs as you can, and get a gut on you, it seems to work for the ones ive met ;)

    Good luck anyway.
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